Jeremy Bamber – The truth is finally uncovered

When I read Jeremy’s reply to my last email, I could not believe what I was reading; I had to read it twice for it to sink in.

Through his determination, obvious high intelligence and just sticking with it, he is finally uncovering the real truth; that it was a set up right from the start. It just goes to show how corrupt Essex Police were all of those years ago and how corrupt they still are.

No one wanted the truth to come out and the Police used all kinds of excuses to hide the evidence, such as the so called “Public Interest Immunity“, which meant that they did not have to disclose evidence if they thought that it would be harmful to their (the Police’s) case.

Please go onto my list of posts and just search for “Jeremy Bamber” and you will see what skulduggery the Police have been up to.

So here, for your delectation and delight, is Jeremy’s most recent reply to me.

reply part1

reply part2

My first comment to him, when I read it, was “WHAT A RESULT

It is bizarrely similar, in some ways, to my case in that Jeremy has lost his liberty for 35 years now, because of a lie and I have been harassed and abused by the Police for the same reason but thankfully I have kept my liberty.

But, if I had not proven my innocence in early 2016 and had not worked my socks off to disprove my daughter’s allegations of sexual abuse and actual physical harm, I would be in prison now too. In my case, it was not the Police who started it all off; it was in fact my very own father and daughter, Verity. But the Police soon caught up and put me through absolute hell to the point that I wanted to end my life, both in April 2016 and recently, in May 2020.

After the media called him all sorts of things at the time, I wonder if they will now be brave enough to go back on their words or is it a fact that a man has been imprisoned for 35 years for a crime that he never committed not sexy enough for the media.

But it goes further than that. It shows how biased and corrupt most police forces are and I have had plenty of experience of that. They will go as far as they like to protect their so called reputation; even if it means that an innocent person is harassed and abused by the Police or worse, sent to prison.

I nearly gave up and wanted to kill myself but with help from the psychiatrists at the Priory, I am on the road to recovery but I have a long way to go. I had determination to get to the truth but, with Jeremy’s great news, I am even more determined to expose what my family have been up to and to expose my family for what they are, especially my daughter:


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