Law suits

I have now left the Priory after 3 weeks of rest and therapy and am now on the second phase of my recovery, to re-assimilate myself into society, whatever that is these days with Covid.

I am staying in a hotel in Sussex, who were gracious enough to take me. I could not stay in the Priory any longer, after spending £20,000 and with my treatment having tailed off.

It is now time for the next stage, which includes taking legal action against those who put me in the Priory in the first place; I wanted to kill myself for goodness sake and not a single member of the family cared a damn, not even my daughter. But some friends did and I ended up in the Priory. Clearly none of my so called family cared if I lived or died; that is a sad thing to say but true. They have proved that through their actions and also their inaction to help me.

About 6 months ago, I emailed my daughter to ask her to help me but I got no response. Even given the fact that I had publicly forgiven her on this blog, she did not raise a finger, instead later throwing two harassment allegations at me but what really hurt me the most was that she referred to me by my Christian name and not Dad or Padre, as she used to. She did that on purpose and knew that it would deeply hurt me. That is some change in a young lady that I loved so much and sacrificed everything for.

So, I have to prepare for yet another start in life; this will be the forth time.

But, in order to start my new life, I have to get rid of the chaff. So, I will be suing the following for substantial damages.

Surrey Police over the handling of the non existent investigation into my daughter’s false allegations, the clear bias of DC Hollie Say 40254 and DS (then DC) Glenn Parker 236 and the subsequent cover up. DS Alick James 3638 (staff officer to the Chief Constable no less) for his dereliction in duty for refusing to act on the clear blackmail that my father threatened me with; he even had the blackmail letter for goodness sake, it was not as if it was mere conjecture)

Hampshire Constabulary, particularly the Isle of Wight Police, for their continued harassment of me, brutality, false and illegal arrests, subjecting me to Covid-19 and the blatant bias of Staff Officer Joel Leverton 17283, who actually defended my daughter of making false allegations against me of the most heinous of crimes, save for murder. All of this is on DVD, complete with the crass comments of the WPC , even though it took 8 days for Mr Leverton to hand deliver the interview DVD.

Isle of Wight Magistrates Court and Mrs Fran Thornton-Dale for continually ignoring my agoraphobic condition, as though it did not matter one jot, obstruction of justice in not advising me of the names of the magistrates, letting the hearing proceed when I was in a catatonic state, which was clear for all to see and for agreeing for the hearing to proceed in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak, as though it was nothing to worry about. That is professional neglect, pure and simple and both of the magistrates on the bench should be stripped of their positions

and then there is my so called family. All of them will be sued for damages, including my daughter and when I win my claim, it is highly likely that she will be asked to leave the Law Society; then her career will be over. Sadly, that is not my doing, it is hers and hers alone.

I am not going to repeat their names, as I have mentioned them so many times but I have already started the ball rolling on that front by giving notice to my cousin that I will be claiming damages for personal injury to my mental health against my cousin. If she does not reply by this Friday, I will instigate proceedings for damages through the Small Claims Court. I have all of the emails that we exchanged including her begging me to move to Wales, to her village, together with all of the dates of me going up to stay with her but then doing an about turn and alleging that I confessed to her of my the so called abuse to my daughter. That was the biggest betrayal other than that of my daughter’s.

I can sue her through the Small Claims Court because the amount is within the limit for personal injury but, in relation to the rest of the family, the size of the compensatory demands are such that this will have to go through the courts.

It is absolutely no surprise to me that my father, brother and sister-in-law would betray me, as they have not a gram of moral fortitude.

And last, but not least, there are my father’s associates from Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG. That will be through the courts also and I will ensure that with the assistance of my journalist contacts and through this blog, their names become mud.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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