The Priory – The restriction of civil liberties

I am posting this now, as the senior management may try and restrict my access to the net. This letter is not finished as there is some stupendous proof to be included but, you will get the gist.

This is all about smoking and smokers within the “premises”. All smokers will be more than aware that they are now treated as pariahs by society, even if smokers know what may or may not happen to them; we are not stupid.

It is our lives and this is how we chose to spend part of it; it is our choice and no one other’s.

So, please bear in mind that this letter to the senior management of the  Priory is incomplete, as there is some very crucial evidence that is to be included.

So, here is the letter, as it is. It is quite long but has to be as there are so many issues that need to be dealt with.

D. J. Hender A.C.A.

Address redacted

Telephone number redacted



Currently residing at The Priory 

Address redacted


Email only to the senior management of The Priory 

15th June 2020

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


I have now been a resident of the Priory since 4th June 2020, three days before my birthday.

 The whole point of The Priory is, as William Wood envisaged in 1872, was to cure patients with mental issues. Thankfully, the methods that were used then have been consigned to the history books and a more holistic approach is now taken.

 But one matter has never changed; that is that people smoke and will continue to smoke, even if one day it is made illegal. Those who smoke, like me, see it as a comfort and not merely an addiction.

 A few years ago, the powers at be decided that there should be no smoking in hospitals, citing the illnesses that this can create. Every single person who smokes knows that they may do themselves permanent damage, if not worse.

 Currently, at the Priory , those who want to smoke have to stand outside the “hospital grounds” to smoke, designated by the no smoking sign, whether it is pouring with rain or not. If we wish to risk incurring the wrath of the staff, we will sit at tables and chat with the inevitable result being that there are cigarette butts everywhere. That is not the fault of the smoker but is the fault of the hospital.

 I spent a week, during my acrimonious marriage, at Roehampton and there, they have a covered area on the hospital grounds, accessed from inside the building.

 Management has a stark choice. Either us smokers can stand on xxxxxxxxxxxx, discarding our butts with gay abandon, which will certainly not give a very good impression to the hospital or they can install a smoking shelter, looking out onto the delightful fields.

 I can hear the wallets shuddering in the managements’ pockets but this is not the case. Whilst I will probably never benefit from such a shelter, it will not cost the group a single penny as I am prepared to fully fund the purchase myself, as I am quite frankly, sick and tired of being treated as a pariah and a second class citizen.

Indeed, there are many able male and female who could put it together in a day, probably under supervision

 Those who want to “vape” can do so with impunity anywhere in the grounds and I would like to remind you that this is a hospital. Even on aircraft, “vaping is prohibited”.

 The main lawn is large and any smoke will be very quickly dissipated in a matter of seconds and non smokers or even anti smokers (of which there are many on the senior board) will be none the wiser.

 The positioning of the no smoking sign is completely arbitrary, whereas the true hospital grounds start at the blue sign.

We could even put an ugly makeshift tarpaulin up, affixed the trees to afford us some shelter and with all due respect, there is nothing that anyone could do about it.

 It IS a public right of way, as we have seen many dog walkers, joggers and couples using the side road and, if they so choose, they could smoke with the hospital being powerless to stop them, as they have no right to do so whatsoever.

 So, the hospital has a distinct choice. Either

 For an ugly makeshift tarpaulin being erected so that we can smoke in all weathers


An attractive wooden shelter in keeping with the surroundings

 In summary

  • Precedent 1 – Priory Roehampton has a smoking “shelter” attached to the main building; I have been there.
  • Precedent 2 – redacted
  • Precedent 3 – The blue “hospital sign” is the true commencement of the grounds of the hospital and no one may enter unless on official business, otherwise the grounds leading back to the fields would be fenced off
  • Precedent 4 – The Google “streetview” camera man knew not to go past the blue hospital sign but did go a little way down the public right of way (as indicated on the attached photograph)

 Quod erat demonstrandum

 The non smoking sign, attached to the fence, is in a totally arbitrary location and is only affixed there out of sheer convenience

 The gardener will spend far less time picking up cigarette butts, which will save the hospital a great deal of money

 If the smokers have “somewhere to call their own”, they will look after it and cigarette butts will not be thrown away with gay abandon, throughout the grounds.

 Who looks after their home better? Someone who actually owns it or someone who just rents it. Of course, it is the former

 I do not like holding guns to people’s heads; I prefer to work WITH people , as you achieve far more, but once the Covid restrictions are lifted, I will be out of here and in a far cheaper but better maintained establishment. The offer will then evaporate. 

 To date, I have paid £13,000 and have had a couple of meetings with Dr xxxxx and three meals a day. You chose to use your pills rather than the stock that I brought with me. I have also had two out dated time tables, which meant that I missed sessions. That is a very expensive hotel indeed. I am already looking to see if there are any alternatives open.

 I have psoriasis and it is very unpleasant. I bleed on my sheets and I was promised faithfully that they would be changed today. They have not.




Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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