The incompetence of The Priory Group – Putting lives at risk

I am not going to mention the specific hospital or even name names but there has been a major cock up at the Priory

Before I came to the Priory, I was instructed to wear a mask as soon as I got out of the car, which I duly did. I then entered reception and they immediately took my temperature. I was then swabbed and taken to my room to be under quarantine; my meals were brought to me.

Thankfully, the results came back the next day and I was clear of Covid, so I was allowed to enter the general patient population.

But yesterday, there was a humongous cock up. A drug addict, aa nice chap who needed help, came in for treatment and he was not wearing a mask. Worse than that, he appeared at the dining table a little later and so we all asked him “have you been tested? are you clear?” He said that he had not been tested and knew nothing about it. He should have been in quarantine.  He was under the care of the Priory and they should have known better.

So, now I have demanded a second Covid test and, for the second time, I am having to go into quarantine, all because Priory’s OWN procedures were not followed.

But it just does not affect me; it affects all of those who were at the dining table last night and all of those who were sitting with that chap for breakfast and lunch.

This complete fowl up could have brought Covid into the Priory when it was totally Covid free.

It is all very well for senior management to bugger off and play golf or do whatever they do but there is no management on site to make serious and urgent decisions.

As if I have not got enough anxiety to deal with; the inept senior management has just loaded more on top and they will be sued.

One of the other chaos was going home tomorrow or Monday and his wife is a nurse. That could mean that the entire ward is affected and sadly vulnerable people will die, all because of the complete mismanagement of the Priory

And the chap I was talking about; thankfully he is Covid free and I am glad for him as well as all the other patients.

But that is not the point, is it? Protocols are there for a reason and are NOT to be broken

Even though the chap is clear of Covid-19, thank goodness, I felt that the situation was so very serious and that essential medical protocols have been broken, I have made a formal complaint. Lives were put at risk. This is the sort of mistake that you would expect from underfunded third world facilities but certainly not The Priory.

I feel that it is all down to saving money and using inexperienced agency and bank staff and not well trained professional nurses. The likes of the Priory should attract the creme de la creme of the nursing profession; they charge all of their patients enough.

The American Venture Capital Company, ADVENT INTERNATIONAL, who owns the group, are certainly getting their pound of flesh

This is not the standard that you would expect from The Priory Group, let alone a facility that is costing me and many others £6,500 to £7,000 a week, if not more.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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