My father’s care and the fraudulent involvement of his doctors, The Ashlea Medical Practice (Gilbert House) of Ashtead, Surrey

I hold a joint power of attorney with my brother, Martin Hender, on both financial affairs and his welfare. We must act jointly.

It is clear that my father’s mental incapacity is serious and that my brother has decided to ignore the conditions of the powers of attorney and act on his own.

This all started when I asked the doctors at The Ashlea Medical Practice (Gilbert House) in Ashtead, as to whether my father was actually alive or not and if he was, what was his condition.

They refused to answer, instead directing me to my controlling brother.

I pointed out that Martin could not act independently of me and so they palmed me off with a response that stated that the reception manager would get back to me next week.

This was a stalling tactic.

They have just gone along with everything that my brother has said and has treated it as gospel.

They have no legal right to refuse my request

If I do not get a satisfactory explanation by the end of the day, I will just report the whole practice to the British Medical Association and to the Office of the Public Guardian, who oversee such matters.

It is quite clear to me that my brother is acting illegally and fraudulently and he will be reported to the Police also.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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