Why I am so sick of this world and the society in which we live

This really is the ultimate of my diatribe and encapsulates everything that I have been trying to put across.

I am so sick of this world and want to die; not take my own life but to die. I will tell you why.

This country, this world and our society is just so corrupt. Criminals hide behind bank rules of secrecy; not 20 years ago, or so, a man who was not in his right mental state would have the power to operate his own accounts taken away from him but now he is allowed to be a loose cannon and is allowed to make people’s life an absolute misery and to destroy everything that they were; I am one of those people.

Paedophiles are allowed to walk around as though they own the place and are not brought to justice for their crimes; one of those has ruined my life too as well as that of my daughter and my two nieces; one of those is my father

Not even the police are interested. If it is a man who says that both he and his daughter have been abused by his father, nothing will be done and if that mentally ill father ruins his son’s life by manipulating his very son’s daughter to accuse his son of the worst of crimes, sexual abuse, those police will do nothing. Even worse, they will actually justify and defend that daughter in making those false allegations. It just goes to show how gender biased and twisted the police’s mindset is.

I have reported my father for tax evasion, to the HMRC, but not even they are interested. They are more interested in prosecuting a man who has earned a few extra pounds because he is on the breadline but getting benefits, than prosecuting men and women who have either evaded or aggressively avoided paying millions of pounds of tax; one of those people is my father.

Years ago, the banks, finding out that one of their clients was a criminal, would ask him to take his business elsewhere but not now; that person is allowed to continue making even more money, even though the evidence against that person is substantial. One of those people is my father.

My father is wealthy and powerful and he has acquired those by breaking every single rule in the book and he calls himself a professional man.

But, someone, such as me, who has paid all of his taxes, obeyed the rules and tried to be a charitable person, especially when both of his parents were ill, is treated like dirt and that person’s life spirals into a world of absolute despair and his life becomes a mere existence, every day being the same and not getting anywhere, despite fighting so hard.

People are not interested in corruption. They are far more interested in getting their next selfie, a new I phone or telling whomever wants to listen what they had for dinner that night. People just do not care anymore; this society of ours has fallen into the gutter, everyone cares about only themselves and they will just walk by someone who has fallen over in the street. They probably do not even notice because their eyes are glued to their new phones, sending texts and pictures to everyone.

In days gone by, people would say hello to those they pass by, out of courtesy, but now they do not care and just pass them by or even bump into them and not say sorry.

I was like all of you 5 years ago, my eyes were closed and though I was courteous, I just thought of my daughter and little else; certainly not the world around me. Like all of you, I was in a bubble but when I was arrested for the very first time EVER in 53 years, my eyes started to open and now I am so aware of all of the injustices going on around the world. I have learned the very hard way by what has been done to me.

My darling late mother taught me right from wrong; my father was just a bully, even though I did look up to him, as a son would. It is that right that I fight for and will continue to fight for, until something fundamentally changes.

But, I am rapidly running out of steam. Even on the night after I was first arrested, I screamed out in tears to my mother and to Liesel, to take me, as I believe that they could. I had lost everything, especially my beautiful daughter, who is now estranged to me. As far as I was concerned, my life was over; it is over. I will continue to beg my Liesel and my mother to take me until one of two things happen; either things that are affecting my life and that of my daughter and nieces are radically changed or they agree to my request.

Until that day that they agree to my wishes, I will continue to fight for what is right, until I am either in such a state that I take my own life or people help me and the girls for change, a big change.

That is my wish

Surely, we are better than this, aren’t we?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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