Airplane manufactures and their drive for profit over safety

I have always said that in my opinion, aircraft manufacturers put profit before safety. There was the issue of outward opening cargo doors blowing open; the reason they did that was to get more cargo into the plane. But common sense dictates that you cannot rely on special catches and devices to keep the door in place; it has to be a “plug door” whereby the air pressure difference between the outside and inside seals the door safely.

It is a sad thing to say that if a plane crashes and all of the passengers die, they will balance up the compensation paid with the cost of a major redesign; sadly the passengers lose out, every time.

This You Tube video details how Boeing lost it s way, trying to appease Wall Street and making more money for its shareholders with, again, the passengers losing out.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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