We should re-nationalise all of our railways

I am a conservative, through and through, although I do not vote anymore.

Dear old Maggie privatised our railways but it was the worse thing that she could have done. Because private or public companies want profit and part of the way that they do that is to cut back on services, with the other part being to sting passengers. They are in business, after all and want to make a profit for their shareholders.

So, let us see what has happened with privitisation. Companies have taken on various railway lines, purely to make a fast buck and when that does not work out, they wave their hands in the air and throw it back at the government. They have, of course, made a lot of money already but have run the railway stock down into such a poorly maintained state that the government needs to put its hand in its pocket.

Intercity and commuter lines make a fortune for whoever runs it but the rural lines are break even at best. If a privatised railway company runs such a part of the railway, they will either stick the prices up so that passengers cannot afford the train fares or they will poorly maintain their stock to make that little bit of extra profit.

That is why the whole network should be privatised and those who hold the leases on their parts of the rail network should not be compensated, as they have made more than enough money already.

With the network re-nationalised, the whole network will, as a whole, make money that can be reinvested back into the various train lines and stock. It just means that the likes of Virgin will be prevented from robbing the passengers and Branson can bugger back to his tax free island

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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