One can dream for a new start, can’t you?

In this lockdown and what is going on in my life, I have to hope, as without hope, there is nothing, although I am starting to give up hope, as I have tried everything

So, I peruse Rightmove to look at “potential” properties; I am sure many others do this in the lock down that we face. When I look for a new home that will never happen, I look for basically four things

  1. A brilliant kitchen
  2. A place for Verity to stay if she ever comes back
  3. A place for me to work on my projects
  4. A degree of isolation, given what I have been through

Then, I came across this one, in Devon. It has a massive kitchen, a huge outbuilding and just as importantly, a detached single bedroomed annex, with an ensuite with a kitchen and lounge, just for Verity’s use. She probably would want to have own space and not stay in the main house, as she did have at Long Barn; when she visited that is.

£75,000 barn conversion for just two visits, rather expensive but there you go. She did not want to be around when my wife was there so that limited things somewhat.

Marrying Rosanna was the biggest mistake that I ever made; I should have talked it through with Verity first

But just look at this kitchen, complete with full sized Aga. It is even bigger than the one at Long Barn, the family home that Liesel and I built and that is saying something.

THIS is what you call a kitchen !


and this would be Verity’s bolt hole, when she fancied visiting; completely detached. It would be all hers and she could do with it what she wanted; I would close off some of the grounds for her personal use so she could have parties and not be disturbed. After all, she is a young 20 something. Even when you love them dearly, at a certain age, you have to give them a lot of space.

She would be totally responsible for it. If her guests ruined it, then that would be down to her. If she left it untidy, I would not touch it and it would stay untidy.

She wrecks it, she pays for it.

If she hasn’t got the money, I would loan it to her but ten times bitten, ten times shy. She would have to pay it back otherwise she would lose the right to stay there.

Regardless of your child’s age, they really WANT TO HAVE boundaries; that was the mistake I made because she was my only child and gave into her every time. How many times did I hear “I will pay you back Dad” but it never happened because I was so soft

Obviously I would pay for the utilities but if she purposely or absent mindedly left lights on, there would have to be a different arrangement


One can dream

There is another one, right by an estuary with its own private boat landing, right out to the Tamar. It has an outbuilding but that would need to be converted. Given what happened with the Long Barn barn conversion debacle, I would need some sort of commitment

Do you see? Even after all she has done to me, she is still the most important part of my life.

Yes, I may have called her “every name under the sun”, horrible, some of them, but when it comes to it, it all reverts to my little girl, as she is the centre of my world

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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