Do you remember the endless hours I tried to sing you to sleep with my lullaby but all I got from you was “again Daddy, again”

Do you remember that I hired this for you and your friends

pink limo 2

Then dinner at the top of Box Hill

Do you remember the fun we had in  Disney Paris, when you regularly emptied my wallet?

Do you remember the fun we had in my bright yellow TVR on the way to your school, with you just telling me to go faster and faster?

Do you remember your massive collection of miniature bottles of soap and shampoo, all lined up next to that awful bed that they gave you?

Do you remember when we went to Fuerteventura ? You got up early to knab me a space in the shade for a little extra pocket money?

And do you remember all of those mocktails you had, complete with parrots (and I still have those)

Do you remember the fun we had when you know who buggered off to Spain with her brood and we had a great chill out week together?

Do you remember our shopping trips to Kingston in the TVR with our first stop off always being Carlucios? And you always broke your budget for buying new clothes?

Do you remember how excited you were when I said we were going to go on a road trip to the Isle of Wight? We both stood side by side on the open deck, chatting away

Do you remember that at Long Barn, you always made a “B line” for the Aga

And do you remember, when sitting on the floor by the back door, you were going to tell me why you had self harmed but then didn’t?

Do you remember all of those things Munch?

I do. All of that and much more

All of the birthday parties; the plate painting, pizza making that Bella did as a favour to me and so much more. Alice in Wonderland dress too

ANY PARENT reading this would be thinking “what a very lucky girl” “why would she do that to her lovely Dad?”

All of that, all of that was paid for by me without a bean coming from your mother and I paid all of that maintenance on top

Taking you to and paying for the chiropadist

Letting you drive my TVR up the Warren

They were the happy times except when you self harmed but I made sure that you were safe at school until I could fathom out why.

But now I know sweetheart and my heart goes out to you; you know that in your heart

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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