If my death causes my daughter to wake up and do the right thing, my death will not be in vain

I am not sure what day it is; well I think it is Monday, not sure because every day is the same for me, every day

Since my daughter was born, I always said to myself that if need be, I would sacrifice my life to save her. But, I never thought, for one moment, that a “benefit” would hopefully be derived to Verity by me literally giving up on life, due to her own actions and those of others.

Not sure when I will schedule this to be posted, will decide at the end

Well, this is hopefully my last post. I WANT TO BE DEAD AND FREE



But I am giving up

I have changed my will and my executors and my trustees and the beneficiaries, everything.

My daughter has been completely disinherited as have my so called family as they have completely disinherited me through sheer unadulterated greed AND CORRUPTION. They are all corrupt and all should go to prison including my daughter if the police will pull their big fat fingers out of their arses and do something for a change. BUT OF COURSE, THEY WONT.

As I got covid-19 when I was arrested even though I have agoraphobia of a severe nature, I invite anyone to sue the police on my behalf with the proceeds applicable to me going to my sole beneficiary, Thomas Saunders. Slater and Gordon have been a little slow, probably because of the crisis. It does not matter who he is but just know that he is far more deserving than all of you who have not lifted a finger; the police, the courts, the trust, Clare Edwards, my family, Kimberley Leonard, Lisa Holland, Tom Parmenter, news editors et all. Not a single thing has been done to help me and that is why I am giving up.

I am quite sure that on discovery of my demise, there will be a great deal of passing the blame.

You cannot fight a battle with both hands tied behind your back banging your head against a thick brick wall.

A very special mention goes to my family; those who are living. You are all despicable, are immoral and are greedy beyond belief. None of you are worth what I used to find on the bottom of my shoe when I used to go out. Oh and that includes you too, Samantha Parkinson. You are a crook and a cheat and shafted me any way you could, even when I was instrumental in keeping you out of prison for embezzlement. I am sure you are behind a lot of what has gone on, conspiring with my father.

To give an illustration of the fact that my family does not care for me one fucking jot. The only way that they would know if I am alive or dead is by me publishing posts here on my blog. I have been so unwell that I have not done any posts for 11 days or so now. No phone calls from any of them, no emails, nothing. Not even a worrying call to PC Plod

As far as they know I am just a rotting corpse waiting to be discovered

And there are plenty of rotten bits of me in and around my bed and on the kitchen floor, bits of me that have flaked off from my now very severe psoriasis ridden body. I LOOK LIKE A LEPER

And VERITY,my supposed daughter, who was the apple of my eye and for whom I sacrificed everything. You took advantage of me and then stabbed me in the back with filthy lies, for money and gratitude from your grandfather.

And even worse than that. you trashed Liesel’s name on your blog but when I exposed you, you backtracked and said you loved her on your so called statement. If you had loved her, you would not have berated her in the first place. Through shame and fear of being caught out, you deleted your blog and Facebook but, you and everyone who knows you, knows the truth about what you have become; a greedy self centred and selfish young woman. Enjoy your toys whilst you can.

I know that all of this harassment harks back to April 2016 when you falsely accused me of abusing you. Of course, as you are a girl, the police did fuck all to investigate the false accusations. I never ever received a sorry from the police. All you had to do was to own up that you had lied and to tell that to my father. Regardless of what would happen to you, which was likely to be nothing because of the inept police, you would have freed me and I would have been able to move from this prison. When that false confession appeared, everyone read it and my stats went through the roof.

But you are a COWARD. You cannot take responsibility for your own actions and you just hide behind your grandfather, mother, the police and the continuous flow of false allegations.

I hope that all of this was worth it, which it is clearly not.

And to the POLICE, especially Isle of Wight and Surrey Police. What fucking thugs you all are and with the courts turning a blind eye to you breaking every rule in PACE, in order to arrest a very vulnerable man and people like me. I was not like that but it is what I have become because you just did FUCK ALL.

Men dont matter but lying little girls like my daughter obviously do. You are corrupt and carry out all of these illegal arrests purely to justify your own existence.

To Paicolex Trust Management. You were appointed to look after me as a beneficiary and to give me the resources to live. Most importantly, you were supposed to act independently and without bias. With the demands of my father to hurt me, you have refused to release the funds that have been due to me for a long time, which would enable me to move and rebuild my life.

But clearly, your loyalty to my father has gone beyond your desire to keep me from wanting to die.

With your holding company, Berwin Leighton Paisner, you have actively conspired with my father to make my life as hard as possible whilst you sit in your ivory towers and expensive homes.

My life means absolutely nothing to you and to say that you and Berwin Leighton Paisner are behaving unethically is a gross under statement. Your are all just puppets of my evil, controlling and father

The world is corrupt with few thinking of anyone else apart from themselves.

My heart and soul has gone into my blog and for those who actually have an open mind, just think about what I have said, please. But just dont think about it, act on it.

I never expected to change the world but hoped I could change my own little world but I wanted to get people to think much harder about what they should do.

This blog is my legacy to all of those who want to change or seek change.

When it comes down to it, money is really the root of all evil and this world is now so corrupt that I just do not want to live anymore.

I had hoped for some change but change never came for me; let it come for you

If my mother and my Liesel accede to my wishes, I will have no pain for the first time in over 40 years.

If I can, I will come back and make trouble for all of those who have done me harm and make your lives a misery; ALL OF YOU

Hopefully, this is goodbye.

Thank you to Nick and Andrea for helping me and to my South African family too. To those who have done me harm, JUST FUCK OFF

Oh and those at Sky News. How disgraceful of you to get all of your journalists out of Covid affected areas “just in time”, probably bribing officials when they could be carrying or have the virus. Typical Sky, think of yourselves and no one else

How did your journalists get out of Wuhan or who live in either Finland (and worked in the Austrian Sky studio – Kimberley Leonard) or South Africa (Alex Crawford) and turn up in the UK?

And just a little about my Liesel

Yes, it is very hard when people cannot be with their loved ones when they are close to passing and that is happening now, with Covid. But 13 years ago, I did that for Liesel’s friends and for Liesel. I organised a phone call with all of her girlfriends using my mobile from South Africa. Cost did not mean a thing, But I could not do that for Verity because she was far too young; we hadnt even told her that Liesel was ill.

But they had a chance to say goodbye; she was blind, could not speak but could hear and I was right by her side to the end

I will be with you soon my love, my soul mate, my everything. You, me and my Mum

  • The police have failed me
  • The trust has failed me
  • Berwin Leighton Paisner has failed me
  • Paicolex Trust Management (the so called trustees) have failed me
  • Ron Downhill has failed me
  • Clare Edwards, acting as the mouthpiece of my father, has failed me
  • The courts have failed me
  • My family has failed me
  • but, worst of all
  • My only child and daughter, VERITY HENDER has failed me

and to those pushing the female gender or those men who are suffering from it. To the feminists, change your way of thinking AND DONT BE SO FUCKING SELFISH and for the men, group together and fight for your rights, as I have tried to do


Just take the UK made film Howl. There was a bunch of gobby tarts but who were the people who went after the beasty? men, that is who. It is generally always men who save the rest of us. And the beasty? Of course, it was described as not an animal but more like a man. In nature, it is actually the females who are the hunters but that is very conveniently ignored for films and just about everything.

And for human beings, in a couple relationship, who is more likely to jump first, when there is the first hint of trouble? It is the woman, always but yet again, even though that is borne out in society over and over again, we are brainwashed to believe that the man is always bad.

I have had my wife pull a knife on me and then walk out on Christmas Eve, even though the whole of Christmas was planned and everything bought.

As to the first marriage, as soon as things got a little tough, she jumped into bed with my best friend and set me up for a massive fall and a very expensive divorce, so much so that I was left homeless.

The vowels that were given “until death do us part” no longer apply. It is now “jump when there is the first hint of difficulty”. Marriage is now part of our throwaway society and is why I will NEVER marry or EVER have a relationship EVER again; but I will be dead anyway as there is no hope for me. A lot of that is because the women, including my daughter, who I loved and did everything for betrayed me (EXCEPT LIESEL), thinking of only themselves.


Women are just selfish and self centred and just run at the first sign of trouble. Then they take everything from the innocent party in the courts; they turn on the tears and lie through their teeth and the fucking courts just soak it up.

All films these days are stereotypical. Bad men, good women and the world has got brainwashed by the shit coming out of Hollywood

To show how gender biased the world is, just take the current crisis. Far more men than women are dying from the virus but no one knows why. But is that mentioned in the media, is it reflected in how the virus is portrayed; of course it is not because having women and girls being interviewed is far more sexy than mere men or boys.

The first youngster to die was an 18 year old boy but a few days later, a girl died and on Sky it showed on a strap line that “she was believed to be the youngest person to die of the disease”. That just shows how fucking biased the whole media is.

But it is the women who always expect the men to protect them

THAT is one of the reasons that I want to die. I CANNOT live in such an unbalanced and biased world

Finally, to the Police (again). Young men and boys DO get sexually and physically abused by their fathers and women too but NOT my beloved mother. I AM AN EXAMPLE WHICH YOU HAVE IGNORED

For the family to be together as we were was always my dream; disagreements in a family can always be sorted where there has to be a will. But, due to immense greed and selfishness, that will NEVER EVER happen in my family now; too many bridges have been burnt by ALL of those I loved but who have ALL betrayed me. I wanted to help most of my family, those who needed help or succor; I didnt want any thanks as it was ALWAYS done out of love but the last thing I expected was for the whole family to turn against me

When I was young, I always looked up to my Dad and I was so proud that he was my Dad. I even followed him into the profession although he refused to back me as he did not want to dictate my career.

But, he has changed from the kind and generous person that I once knew to a gloried scrooge, only giving money to the people he now cares for and that does not include me.

I do not even know my father anymore and do not recognise the person I once loved and respected. And though he has Alzheimer’s, his behaviour to me changed long before he was diagnosed.

He changed not long after Mum had died and he TOO quickly for my liking was happy with his lot; no grief, no loneliness, nothing. Once I had sorted out the funeral and the memorial for him and had fed him, I was discarded as mere cannon fodder. He just used me for what he could get and then discarded me. That is so obvious to me now.

For all I know, he could be dead

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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