The police thought that I would not dare to post this (updated and reposted)

You may not know but I was arrested again on 12th February 2020 over spurious claims of a crime. It is all in the email but what is not in there is the statement that the thuggish, intimidating and aggressive statement that PC PLOD AKA DICKHEAD made to the desk sergeant and it included that I had committed defamation.

I may have been suffering from the effects of my agoraphobia but there is nothing wrong with my hearing or memory.

Now defamation is NOT EVEN a criminal offence and if it occurs, you have to file a CIVIL law suit against the defamer, whether it be libel (the written word) or slander (the spoken word) but those over the pond who write the screenplays, who never do their research properly, ALWAYS get them confused; bless them

I was also accused of “failing to attend a VOI“. A VOI is a VOLUNTARY interview so how can your non attendance to a VOLUNTARY interview be a crime? it is all fucking bullshit and shows how corrupt PC Plod really is. It just proves without any doubt that my arrest was ILLEGAL

So if you break down everything that the thuggish PC Plod said, there was absolutely no reason for my arrest at all. I make no excuses for repeating myself but the arrest was ILLEGAL but the staff sergeant authorised my detainment

By the inclusion by the so called officer, of both those so called offences, in a grand list of spurious charges is, in itself, A CRIMINAL OFFENCE

For your DELECTATION and DELIGHT, here is the email to the “officer” who interviewed me. I say “officer” because he was not even a proper policeman, but merely a 9 to 5 “staff officer“.

It is long and detailed but says everything about what was supposed to happen but never did. Read it carefully and enjoy.

As I said many times in the email, I will not be bullied, intimidated or cajoled by anyone, especially the police

The incident of Wednesday 12th January 2020
David Hender
Fri 14/02/2020 12:34
  • Joel Leverton 17283 (IOW CID Team A2)
Before I go into the minutiae of the true legal issues, I want to first address my health issues and other matters.
My agoraphobia
It is not so severe that I cannot go out at all, just that I keep external visits to the absolute bare minimum, as all stop offs are choreographed.
Indeed, today (13th January 2020), I had to leave the house to go and collect my medication, which was ordered on line and, in the same trip, I borrowed my friend and osteopath’s laptop, an arrangement that had been made with his wife last night. I had already run out of cat food and on my return my cat was starving and I had to give him three times the amount of his rich “evening meal”, which can be very damaging for him. So, after collecting his laptop, I had to go and collect some food for him, buying twice the amount that I would need but done so to strictly minimise any unnecessary trips out. The extra bag is kept in my car to avoid mice.
I have had my car for many years and even slept in it during my second divorce. Even though it is like a home to me, I constantly smoke whist driving and listen on auto repeat the music that was played during my Liesel’s radiotherapy to calm her and it calms me.
All of that was done in one trip, because of my anxiety, stress and agoraphobia. You can check with the pharmacy (Carole) and Pets at home and check my car if you do not believe me.
Even though you agreed with me on the telephone that as I had agoraphobia, I could not come down to the police station, I was more than willing for you and a colleague to visit my house. That conversation was recorded on my Dictaphone as I had you on speakerphone. This will be my evidence if I have ever to go to court, all date and time stamped; technology is a wonderful thing.
You acknowledged that in order to comply with PACE, you had to take my worsening condition into account and that you would “get back to me”. You never did but your ultimate response was to have me ILLEGALLY arrested, which is in direct contravention of PACE.
I even told the extremely aggressive officer who demanded my arrest of my condition. He said “you have a car in the drive and a note on your gates asking couriers to come to the workshop if they did not get an answer from the doorbell. That note was put there shortly after I moved in and I can prove that. The workshop is as I left it but overgrown, I am sure, as the door was still open when I was arrested on 11th April 2016 and was, I am sure, left open by the officers who searched every single square inch of my property, causing it to have my home violated as though I had been raped. It is no longer my home but mere bricks and mortar and I am desperate to leave, as you well know.
If that officer had actually looked around, he would have seen recycling piled high in my kitchen. I only venture out to the bins, which are only outside my back door, when it starts overflowing in the kitchen and only put the bins out when all bins and the recycling area in the kitchen are full to over flowing; ask the bin men if you do not believe me.
I am sure that the officer’s bodycam has already been wiped but he was recorded in audio and visual by two cameras directed at the door. That recording will prove as yet more evidence in court that my rights with regards to having an illness were completely disregarded under PACE and that he behaved in an unprofessional and unethical way.
Once it had become clear that I had no choice as the “officer” had stated that if I did not come quietly, he would drag me out of the house, put me in handcuffs and drag me to the van. I never exhibited any violence nor have I ever done. The only threatening behaviour and intimidation came from that police officer. This has all been recorded too and is proof positive that most male officers especially are mere thugs. This is not the only incident as the same thing happened to me on 31st December 2019, when the male officer took a very aggressive tone and despite me advising him that I had agoraphobia said “you are going to be arrested regardless“. This was all recorded, audio wise and visually from a single camera in my front hall. This incident again shows that the police in general have no regard to any form of mental illness; if I had no legs, which is a visual queue, that would have been immediately taken into account. This just goes to show the inept, incompetent, unintelligent and non empathetic approach that every police force takes. Only the woman PC on the incident of 31st December showed me any empathy but, as she was clearly the junior and “submissive” officer, all she could do was to help me to the van, lock me in and them immediately open the dividing door between the secure area and the main van, constantly watching me. 
I have agoraphobia, not certified by any phony doctor’s certificate but by my actions over years are all clearly proven. Every time that I am arrested, I become worse but, when back at my house, my sense of injustice invigorates me and that is why I fight back, every time and will until my last breath. It is not about money, it is not even about my lifespan but is purely a question of honour and justice. Sadly, you will not understand what that is. I will not be bullied by the police, the CPS or the justice system; I will stand up to you all.
The thought of going to the mainland now for two workshops with people who I do not know to a town that I have never been to, in totally unfamiliar surroundings (and I am not talking just about the ferry) is an anathema to me, given that I have now been falsely arrested three times, in a relatively short time frame and I will be applying to have my attendance set aside as my now worsening agoraphobic condition must be now taken into account, a condition I might add that has been totally disregarded by every police officer, with whom I have come into contact with, save for that WPC, and which is a gross violation of PACE.
Even the duty sergeant said that “in certain cases, an officer will visit the person’s premises for an interview under caution”. This was one such instance but you could not be bothered to get in your car and come out and visit me but instead, you used a “sledgehammer to crack a walnut”. I had told you that I was refusing to come to the station for an interview, purely on medical/mental health issue grounds and I have that on tape that recorded the whole of the two way conversation with you.
Other matters
You clearly showed in the interview that you considered me a misogynist but the comments that I have just made prove otherwise. Indeed, I have said many times on my blog that some women are innocent of crimes or have helped me in whatever capacity. If I had been a misogynist, I would not have married twice, had countless lady friends and stood by my dying partner, Liesel and spent £250,000 in 2006/7 to convert my house in to our home; I gave her a blank cheque. That money was most of my savings and boy have I suffered since but I did it because I loved my Liesel and wanted to take her mind off what was to come and it did the trick. Even if I knew then what I know now, with regards to my situation, I would do it all over again. 
Even if you had the resources, I doubt that you would even contemplate that. My father had all of the resources and he did not contemplate it either, even though he had been married to his wife and my ill mother for 50 years. Even though he was a wealthy man, he could not bring himself to do that and even the furniture at Mum’s care home was sold back to the supplier as my father wanted to do a deal.
When my Liesel was in hospital in Ealing, I did everything to try and keep her mind off her illness. I bought a television and DVD Recorder, which were donated by us to the hospital when Liesel finally left.
That is the difference between the likes of me and you, my father, my daughter and her mother. I would have gone to any lengths and if had been possible, I would have given up my life for hers as Liesel was the best mother in the world and would have cared and coached Verity in the best way possible
Your and your colleague’s attitude to me
It is not my fault that I grew up in a home of privilege, even though my family came from very humble and poor beginnings. It was not my fault that I managed to qualify as a Chartered Accountant but clearly one of your comments “you only have you to support” said it all. When I was asked what income I had, I told you; shock, horror and disbelief by you and your colleague but that is what I have grown up in and I make no excuses for that. I got to the top by sheer bloody hard work and a lot of my own money, as I did not qualify first time but had to really work hard, financing my retakes myself; you have no idea how much that cost me. 
I am an honest person and abide, as a professional person and a British citizen, to every single law in the United Kingdom. On the 30th January 2020, I paid £59,000 in income tax with a further £23,000 to pay in July 2020. Your colleague continually referred to the £200,000, which I never see. I am sorry to say that she behaved like a “green eyed monster”. With the illegal deductions taken into account, I do not receive even half of that £200,000.
I ended up at Premium Credit and worked my way up to the title of Finance Director. At that level, you were talking just in millions; tens of millions, hundreds of millions, even billions.
Even if you will never be in that arena, as you chose law enforcement as your path, you have got to understand that we cannot all be the same
But it comes down to this; I believe only in two things, justice and fairness.
It does not matter if I was paid £50 or £50 million; it makes no difference. My brother and I should have been paid the same, under a legally binding trust document. When my brother was working in a GP’s surgery and it was disadvantageous, in a tax context for him to be paid as much as me, that was later rectified when he left the surgery
My father SWORE UNDER OATH in a court of law that “he treated both of his sons equally”. You actually laughed at that with your female colleague saying that life was not fair. That is all on tape. Even though you are not a “proper” policeman, you work in Isle of Wight CID and you are there to uphold the law and to belittle a court of law when someone swore an oath in a court of law and then perjured himself by his actions, not only at the time of making that oath but in years that followed, up until the present day.
For that alone, I will be issuing a formal complaint against you and will be seeking your dismissal or admonishment with a heavy fine and a reduction in rank, although, of course, you do not actually have a rank.
Three discs were used in my interview. In accordance with PACE, I now demand that my copy of the interview, to be used a part of my defence, is immediately delivered to me. Failure to do so will be in direct contravention of PACE and will lead to the whole interview being excluded from any court proceedings and could even lead to me being fully exonerated, with a dismissal of the whole court proceedings.
When you came to my cell and talked to me and I said:
  • None of this would have happened if my daughter had falsely accused of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm
  • Even though I was cleared by both the police and the CPS, due to overwhelming evidence no action was taken against my daughter, not even an interview under caution to ask “what is the real truth”. When it comes to finding out the real truth, especially from females, the police are completely inept and grossly biased.
  • strongly believe that all of my fathers actions, in his delusional state due to his Alzheimer’s, are solely due to the fact that he still believes that I abused and hurt my daughter, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and the accusation being thrown out by both the police and CPS.
  • If the police had acted in a proper and professional way, rather than being dismissive and sexual discriminatory, I would no longer be here on the IOW and would have already started my new life.
In your own words, you said ” I have heard what you have said and I hope that you will hear what I have to say” but you said nothing. You went back to your office and then went home; I never saw you again.
The legal issues
Let me start with the basics. I have not directly or indirectly contacted Verity or Samantha or even Vertu Motors since 31st December 2019. As I will make very clear, indirect contact DOES NOT equate to a person or persons actively seeking out a blog on the internet that has no domain or legal jurisdiction, with the sole purpose of claiming harassment and then having me arrested.
Even though I have to appear in court, I was not  even formally charged but, instead, just given a sheet of paper to attend a court hearing. Have police procedures, arrests and being charged really come down to this all time low?
I am an intelligent human being and will fight for my own justice, no matter how many baseless arrests that I have to endure.
You said that both Verity and her mother had actively sought out my blog, then read the posts and then felt harassed. As my legal advisor told me, it is the same as them going to Brixton on a dark night, seeking someone out, asking them to shoot them and then accusing that man or woman of attempted murder.
He also gave a less extreme example. He said that if someone actively sought out a pornographic website and took offence, that person could not bring any claim against the website for causing him or her harm 
My call to my advisor was very long and expensive, as I had sought out an internet expert but it was very worthwhile.
My advisor told me some things about the internet that I did not know and he was very clear.
He said that the internet:
  • Has no dominion
  • Has no legal jurisdiction
  • No country has legal jurisdiction over the internet
  • It belongs to everyone and no one
He added
  • It does not matter where your computer is, where you connect to the internet
  • It does not even really matter where the servers are
  • Even if a server is switched off, the content of a site will just be legally transferred to another server
  • Any person can take down a website or blog
  • I can take down my blog
  • WordPress can take down my blog
  • Any government can take down any blog or website
  • I do not own my blog
  • I just licence it and if I do not pay the fee, the blog is immediately deleted
  • Anything can be added to the internet and, as it is owned by no one, it is very hard to bring a site or blog down, if all conditions have been complied with
He explained to me that for the reasons he stated above, it is very hard to bring down pornographic sites or terrorist sites, as any transfer is seamless. It requires the collaboration of all IPs (internet providers) to enable such sites to be brought down.
With regard to the CPS, he said
The CPS are applying “normal”  “archaic” harassment laws to a situation in which they do not apply, as did your colleague tried to apply for that matter
I have not emailed either Samantha or Verity by email since 31st December 2019, to point them to any of my blog posts and it is entirely up to them if they actively seek them out. There is no liability, legal or otherwise, for any harm caused, except for themselves.
If I had written an article in a UK paper and that had caused them offence, then normal UK laws would apply but this is not the case here.
The advisor added that it was even highly questionable as to whether an email could be deemed to be harassment, as the recipient could either just not read the content, could delete the email and then block the sender. Just because they did not do either of the latter two, that does not make me guilty of harassment of any kind.
You said that a certain email came “very close” to blackmail. The email, to which you refer, is no different from the letter that my father personally sent to me (you cannot have one law for one and another rule for another person); letter mind you, not email. But, even after I reported it to Surrey Police, they did absolutely nothing and, as such a complaint was lodged a few days ago with PSD Surrey;not that I expect any PSD office to actually act on my complaints, not even the one that has yet to be submitted, as it is always a case of “protecting one’s own”. 
It is even pointless writing to the IPCC as all they do, unless the media picks it up, is to refer it back to the relevant police authority so that the specific police authority can act as judge, jury and executioner. Just about every time, they will then dismiss the complaint; what a surprise.
I will go to any lengths to protect my freedom of speech and I will expend my relatively meagre savings to defend myself using the best legal team that I can afford.
I spend only a small fraction of what I actually receive, the rest being set aside for taxation and to enable me to get off this island. That “nest egg” has built up in size and even if I have to use monies that were for my future, I will gladly spend that money as my innocence and honour is really all that I have left.
I therefore suggest that to avoid embarrassment, you tell the CPS to completely rethink their actions, as it will end up with the judge admonishing prosecuting counsel for wasting his/her and the courts time. 
Furthermore, I will sue Hampshire and Isle of Wight police for wrongful arrest and for totally dismissing my condition, which is in direct contravention of PACE (police and criminal evidence act). 
I have my rights, even if you and the Isle of Wight police ignore them.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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