The inconsistency of the Crown Prosecution Service and the police (updated)

I am sure that you will agree with me that sending an email is far more “personal” than leaving a comment on a blog on the internet.

After all, the recipient can either block it, delete it or just not read it.

I have been arrested over two so called harassment incidents. The first was when I sent emails to my daughter, hoping to reengage with her and the second was to leave comments on my blog, all with the desired effect of wishing that my daughter would just wake up and do the right thing.

Therefore, why is it that the so called email harassment only led to an “attendance” at a workshop, whilst the comments left on my blog led to me being arrested and tried. Those actions led to me getting the virus and Leverton 17283 is solely to blame for that

The fact that the so called email harassment, a far more personal form of communication, only led to a workshop whilst the much less formal internet comments led to a trial. Indeed, my daughter would have had to actively seek out the comments on my blog and then supposedly get harassed.

What utter bollocks to both, which shows that the police and courts discriminate against men and just want to justify their existence by arresting men for the most ridiculous of supposed crimes.

Make no mistake, on BOTH occasions, the police would have contacted the CPS to see if they could get a charge to stick. The so called email harassment was so spurious that the CPS decided to not charge me but instead the police “offered” me the workshop.

So, when it comes to the so called internet harassment, it is an even weaker case but this time, the CPS decided to charge me.

Of course, I had no intention of attending the workshop because I am severely agoraphobic and driving to the ferry, being on the ferry amongst strangers and then attending a course in Portsmouth on two days, a month apart, was just more that I could bear. The first session was before the outbreak; the second during.

Normally, non attendance leads to an arrest but as I explained my condition to those who ran the workshop, this would have been relayed back to the detective in charge and WAS ACCEPTED BY HER.

So, why therefore has the “detective” in charge, LEVERTON 17283, of the internet harassment or indeed the CPS not done the same, when the case is even weaker than the so called email harassment? It all comes down to what he actually wrote in his report to the CPS and a charge was inevitable BECAUSE OF HIS GENDER BIAS

It is clear, by his very actions, that Leverton 17283 is a person who discriminates against men and that is shown so clearly in the way that he interacted with me during the interview and the derogatory remarks that he made about me. AND IT IS ALL ON TAPE MR LEVERTON

It is clear that neither the police nor the CPS are actually following any law. All they are doing is to flick a coin to determine whether I would be charged or not.


This inconsistency strengthens my position in that neither “event” was harassment, certainly not as defined in law and to avoid embarrassment, the police should just drop the case altogether.

I cannot attend anyway, due to my agoraphobia. I would dearly love to stand up in court and tell the so called magistrate what I have fucking been through for the last 5 years. Even once the delivery driver has gone and I gingerly open the door to collect my produce, I immediately start hyperventilating. If that is not severe agoraphobia, prey tell what it is.

That would then be one less thing to worry about, as I am displaying all of the symptoms of the virus; I do not fear death but fear dying and when you are faced with your mortality, that is a different thing entirely.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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