The “Bodyguard” and the superficiality of Hollywood

This great film, with Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, made in 1992, has so much to make you think.

But let me take a step back and talk about Hollywood superficiality.

Let us be frank; Hollywood is just a circus. To call it superficial is like saying that a tornado is just a strong wind.

Take the film, The Bodyguard, when Whitney Houston’s character said goodbye to her old bodyguard. It was a grey day but she still had sunglasses on, all for effect. But when she said goodbye, she had the courtesy of taking her glasses off. This is the same for all celebrities and it has made me chuckle to myself when I have seen people in a shop wearing sunglasses, all because they think that by wearing them, it makes them look “cool”.

There are many early deaths in Hollywood, most through suicide. The pressure of putting on a persona for 24/7 just gets too much for some and it got too much for Whitney and so she ended her life.

Even if a celebrity has no work, they will do anything to make it look as though they are still successful by keeping massive houses with all the trimmings; these people tend to end up going bankrupt but it does not have to be so.

Without the pressure of the media circus, they could just cut back and just be themselves. I am quite certain that Dustin Hoffman’s death was as a result of this although it was put around that he had a serious mental illness.

What the Bodyguard does show is the gross superficiality of Hollywood. In Whitney Houston’s character’s house, there was a special bedroom that was used for publicity shots and she did not even sleep in it. I think that says it all. I am quite sure that is normal in Hollywood; all pretense.

But let’s talk about Whitney Houston herself. She was beautiful and incredibly talented but she was, I believe, very unhappy. Although on the outside, she showed that she was very outgoing, to keep up with the Hollywood circus, I believe that what she really wanted was a “normal” life, with an ordinary chap. I actually believe that is what most celebrities actually want, as celebrity status is fun for a while but then it just gets too intrusive and becomes wearing.

That is the why, I believe, Whitney Houston killed herself; just to get away from everything.

So, please watch the film and it will make you think about what “Celebrity” is really like. Would you REALLY want to be one of these people?

Yes, the money is good but, at the end of the day, that is the only real benefit.

But it has been a number of years since her death and, as is usual in Hollywood, she is considered to just be a casualty of the circus and she is very sadly consigned to the past, although her memory and talent will live on.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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