Manslaughter charges against Leverton, the judge, the lead magistrate and the arresting officer (reposted)

My breathing is getting very laboured now and, with all of the other symptoms showing, it seems that I do indeed have the virus.

By tomorrow, it would have been 11 days since my forced exposure to the virus and with my declining health, I reckon that I have a week to ten days at the most; I am getting very weak now.

Why manslaughter?

I have severe agoraphobia and it had been accepted as severe but then ignored, in order to drag me into court in a catatonic state.

When I am dead, I want my family, who have very substantial financial resources, to issue private prosecutions against the following:

  1. Leverton 17283, for first accepting that I had agoraphobia and then ignoring it, leading to the spurious charge of harassment and my forced attendance in court,leading to me being knowingly exposed to the virus, which ultimately caused my death.
  2. The judge who issued my warrant for arrest. He first accepted that I had agoraphobia and delayed the hearing for a week but agoraphobia does not disappear like that. Given his stranding, he knew or ought to have known that my agoraphobia would not vanish within 7 days, especially given all of the submissions that I made via email to Mrs Thornton-Dale. By the issue of a warrant, he has knowingly exposed me to the virus, which will have led to my death
  3. The arresting officer who knowingly ignored my agoraphobia despite being told countless times and thus knowingly exposed me to the virus, which will have led to my death and who could have been a carrier of the virus.
  4. The presiding magistrate had clearly not bothered to read all of my notes, especially regarding my declining mental health and my agoraphobia or had just ignored it. If she had, she would have immediately dismissed the hearing or not called it at all. As such, she has knowingly exposed me to the virus, this will have led to my death.
  5. The Godshill Surgery, for failing to attend my house weeks ago, to investigate my agoraphobia after being promised that a doctor would make a house call by Dr Hill and thus failing to give me a medical exemption from court. By that failure, I ultimately was forcibly arrested twice, leading to my forced attendance at court and thus exposing me to the virus,leading to my death

The following should also be taken into account:

  • Due to my agoraphobia, caused by the brutish and false arrests over a nearly 5 year period, I had purposely isolated myself from society for many months and, save for the forced arrests, had never left home, save to collect my meds. I therefore could not have contracted the virus if I had been left at home and my agoraphobia had been FULLY recognised by the police and the courts
  • I was never shown the arrest warrant, for my arrest on Friday 13th March 2020. If no such warrant was issued, then it was an illegal arrest but if a warrant was issued, “2” above applies and the judge is culpable

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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