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First off, I am not going to make any apologies about my language; I am fucking angry. I went to bed at 7 because I felt like shit, without food and for the last three hours, I have been shouting out in pain.

Not just the excruciating pain that is over nearly all parts of my body but also the pain that I have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of my family, the police and courts, who are all harassing me to the ends of this earth and will only cease with the cessation of my mortality; cant wait.

We all know that the world is now a very female centric place; the attitudes of the police, the courts, the laws all favour the female.

But whom is it over millennia who have died the most? Predominantly the men. Even if they do not die in conflict, they end up reliving those conflicts, in which they fought, over and over again, in their minds.

But what do we do for these brave men who return from battle? Yes, we patch them up but just leave them to it. World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan. These brave men are basically fucked but we never look after them as we should, for the rest of their lives; after all, they have put their lives on the line for their countries and governments and we should give them as much as they need when they return.

Yes, there is female abuse but attitudes are now so bad that every man is considered a potential abuser; I should fucking know. The so called “Me too” movement is just part of the sisterhood and the feminist movement.

“Oh dont invade my personal space” is the usual thing that you will get from a female but they dont think twice about putting their arm around a man, if they feel like it. But if a man does it, he will get arrested on the spot, no matter the protestations of the crowd.

The same applies to PC Plod. If a man lays one finger on an officer, he will be tackled to the ground by a number of officers, manacaled and thrown in the back of a van. But if a woman does it, the officer will just go weak at the knees and smile.

The courts, ahh the courts, judges and magistrates. For exactly the same crime, the male will get a harsher sentence than the female. There has even been talk about closing women’s prisons and, instead, giving them a slap on the wrist.

Answer me this. Why is it that men, after sacrificing their lives in many cases, are treated like absolute shit and it is always biased towards the female.

Take this virus. A 35 year old male diplomat and a 21 year old female both died from this horrible virus; I saw them on-line as I want to try and keep up to date with what is happening. The male was hardly mentioned with all of the time spent on this pretty 21 year old. What made it worse that the strap line said that “she was believed to be the youngest UK national to die”. What utter fucking bollocks. The day before, an 18 year old boy died from the virus. That was Sky’s fault in continuing to highlight what happens to females and pays fuck all attention to what happens to males.

Why is there so much sex discrimination against males? In a lot of cases, it is the female that has the baby and the man who provides, as I did in my first marriage but even though none of them were mine, I provided for all of the children in my second marriage too.

The police treat men like scum, the courts treat them like scum and the media favours the gentler sex. I have even had battles with advertisers over this; Sainsbury’s to name just one, who tried to rewrite history in their last series of ads for Christmas and had to pull them. It is all there to see if you care to look.

So, tell me, what is it? Do all women hate men? Do they take them for just a financial ride?

If a child falls in the water, who is it that goes after them? Always the male and sometimes not even connected to that child.

The majority of men do not want to be superior; they just want an equal footing with their “opposite number” and be treated with the respect that they deserve

And I will leave you with this. If the roles had been reversed in the Jeremy Bamber case when he committed suicide and his sister was in Jeremy’s shoes, she would NEVER have been arrested, tried and imprisoned for 35 years

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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