Manslaughter charges against my father, Verity Hender and her mother, Samantha Parkinson

I have already asked my family to start private prosecutions against Leverton 17283, the judge who supposedly issued my warrant, the presiding magistrate at my hearing and also the arresting officer

Full details are found at

I also want the police to pursue manslaughter charges against Verity Hender, my daughter, my father, William Thomas Hender and Verity’s mother, Samantha Parkinson.

This may seem a contradiction when I am asking some of the very same people to instigate private prosecutions against Leverton, the judge, the presiding magistrate and the arresting officer, all who ignored my agoraphobia and had me dragged into court and thus exposing me to the virus.

But the police have always taken everything in isolation; the false sex abuse claims, the bribery and the two false harassment claims and therefore so can I.


Of course, this applies when I am dead from the virus, which will not be long.

My father, my daughter and her mother have levied or have conspired to levy false allegations against me and the police have never ever taken any action on any of the allegations, not even my allegation of sexual abuse by my father.

Those three people, by their allegations, have ensured that I was arrested multiple times and recently, have ensured that ultimately I was exposed to the corona virus that will lead to my death.

Therefore, by making or conspiring to make these false allegations, I have been exposed to the virus, which will ultimately kill me and, on my death, that means that they have committed manslaughter

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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