m y will

this is the last will and testament of me, David John Hender of the address that everyone who knows me knows.

all of my previous wills have been voided so this is my only will as I am unable to contact a solicitor or have it witnessed due to now suffering from the corona virus and having severe agoraphobia

I am of sound mind but severely physically unwell.

For the avoidance of doubt, although actions have been taken to invalidate all previous wills, this is my only valid will and testament.

After all loans and taxes have been paid, I leave my entire estate to my daughter, Verity Hender, save for a payment of £50,000 which must be paid to my adopted “little brother” Prenesh Ramlall who lives in South Africa, a payment of £5,000 to the Alzheimer’s society in memory of my mother (and now my father) and a payment of £5,000 to the lymphoma society in memory of my beloved partner and soul mate, liesel arazym.

the money due to my daughter must be put in trust with interest accruing going back inti the trust. both the capital and interest will be given absoluteky to verity on her 40th birthday. my brother will act as the trustee of the trust and will be my sole executor also

All of my material possessions will be sold or destroyed, if necessary but I give my cufflink collection to my brother, martin william hender but I ask that the cufflinks given to me by my daughter, marled “I love you dad” are destroyed for obvious reasons.

if verity wants the truck then she can have it as well as the camper van named after her grandmother and my mother Betty; it was to be used by the both of us in happier times. both of these cars may be given to her straight after my death but I ask, if possible, if my remains can be taken to the crematroium in betty.

in the safe, loacted in the boiler room, is a silver box that contains all of liesel’s jewellry. under liesel’s will, I hold all of these in trust. due to verity’s actions, they are niow to be returned to the arazym family including the eternity ring that liesel gave me and which is enscibed on the inside. the wedding ring for my marriage to verity’s mother is to be given to her. key to safe is located in the kitcen toilet

Both my little brother and Liesel’s father can be contacted at the following

email addresses

arrangements regarding the disposal and burning of my body are set out in my email to the court. contact iow court for details

david john hender

21st march 2020


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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