I have shit myself

Could have put it more delicately but wot the fuck. This is all down to my father’s sexual abuse of me when I was younger; the fucking bastard.

So, I had to change first out of my blood soaked pjs into something else. then I shit myself again; the codein phosphate is doing little now.

sensible thing would be to stick stuff in the wash but Im too sick now and I sit or lay down now as much as possible as uneasy on my pins, just like being pissed as a fart.

so having to rotate all of my dirty pj bottoms and am constantly in a dressing down as blowing hot and cold all of the fucking time,even shivering under the duvet

climbing the stairs is even getting hard for me now; just like an old man so will have to sleep on the sofa pretty soon from now on.

if liesel or mum will not take me, the virus soon will. just a matter of time. hopefully not too long.

all of my wills have been voided cos of what verity and everyone else did and now incapable of arranging one with a solicitor now so will just have to do it via the blog. hope it will be accepted , no other choice


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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