Liberty and freedom to tell the truth

Freedom is the most powerful influence that a man can have; he will do whatever it takes in order to gain his real freedom. Shackles come in all different types and will not sometimes even be seen; bribery, blackmail, false accusations to name but a few

Maintaining one’s own liberty may involve just speaking his mind and fighting the people who wish to keep him in chains.

But sadly, in our corrupted society, merely speaking one’s mind to tell the truth is not enough as there are people in this world who will prevent a person from telling the truth for their own political expediency, way of life or very existence.

A man can have the very tools that he needs in order to expose the truth taken away from him and even worse than that, be subjected to false accusations in relation to the very medium that enables that man to be able to tell the truth.

For me, that has involved false accusations of such a disgusting type that the very people who are supposed to be there to uphold the law, will be completely swayed by the very nature of those allegations and, thence, to come after an innocent party with such vigour that the accused’s ability to defend those awful allegations is greatly diminished.

Much more than that, where there is a concertive campaign waged against the innocent man for the sole purpose of ensuring that the truth is buried, that man will end up losing so much faith in justice that he is willing to die for his cause and that is where I am now.

Every single one of that man’s allegations have been put before the very people who are there to protect him but, out of political expediency, so called attitudes at the time and for the continuance of the protectors’ very existence, every single one of those allegations is ignored as though it is a fly that is swated away, as it is inconvenient for the protectors of that man for his allegations to be considered in a way that they are legally bound to do.

As such, the truth of those allegations that the man has made are purposely hidden from the true court process and are even dismissed by the very court officials who are supposed to administer proper justice, purely for the sake of protecting their very own existence, as has happened to me by the completely unfathomable implementation of barriers.

If these barriers were not there, the man would be afforded the very same true justice that is applied to very single woman in the land but, due to the completely warped attitudes in society, that man is not afforded the same rights as every single woman in the land, in order to enable the warped attitudes of society to continue and to be justified.

That very decision to prevent the man from having true justice is akin to the slaves of old and makes the man a third class citizen of this land, who is then subjected to the worst possible injustices that one can imagine.

Of course, it does not apply to every man as it only applies to the weak and vulnerable, such as myself, as the men in power and with great wealth are completely immune from the injustices of the courts and the “protectors”, as it is the weak and vulnerable who are unable to protect themselves from the injustices meted out by the courts and the so called officers of the courts; the protectors of so called justice.

In the eyes of the law, men and women are treated equally but this is just a mirage. There are actually three casts of people in this country:

  1. The rich and powerful who are immune from injustice
  2. Every single woman who is immune from injustice
  3. The weak and vulnerable men who are not able to defend themselves against the injustices meted out on them


It is every single man’s right to fight for his freedom but every single weak and vulnerable man is restricted from the opportunity of keeping his freedom, to ensure that the law givers, the courts and the so called protectors of justice can continue to justify their very existence and continue to “comply” with the demands of our skewed and biased society

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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