I grew up………

……..in an era of no computers. when I was a child, all i did was to play with my cars and when I was allowed, to watch some television. i even played cars when I was 13 and 14. I was as happy as could be.

then came technology. it was a good thing but a bad thing as we have now found out in this modern era. i believed that the internet was mainly pure. yes, it had disgusting pornography and other terrible stuff but was mainly for the good.

Yes, i became good at computers, mainly because of what I learned at Birmingham university when I studied civil engineering.

after leaving, i went to work for my dad at ggc in a separate unit, the computer unit. i learned cobol and that gave me the logic that i needed to use for my the rest of my life.

but all i was, in recent times, was a researcher and used the internet to learn stuff AND that was why I spent 4 years digging to find out what the fuck was going on and why it was happening to me.

The events that I had to endure were not just one offs; they were from a well set out plan to ruin me, physically, mentally and financially. I am not going to bring up what my bastard father did to me; too fucking painful, too fucking hard

My so called family and my father’s associates (Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG) have achieved all of their goals.

I needed help. I cannot get help from the family for obvious reasons so I had no choice but to turn to the police.

And what have they done about it? ABSOLUTELY FUCK ALL

Two constables came around today I think to see if I was alright and to see if I had harmed myself, as last night, in a delirious state, I wrote and sent an email to the courts saying that I was hopefully going to die.

I tried to tell the constable why I think I sent that email, as I wanted to be taken from this earth, as I said I had very strong spiritual beliefs. “That’s nice”, he said in a “we have a loon here” tone.

I started explaining to the constable that the police were doing fuck all (not the words I used) about

  • the false sex allegations made by my daughter
  • the bribery and blackmail instigated by my father (AND THE POLICE HAD THE FUCKING LETTER FROM HIM ON THEIR SCREENS)
  • the two spurious allegations made by my daughter and her mother

His reply simply shocked me. He said “we don’t have time for that

If I had been a woman, the police would have acted on all of the allegations that I made against my family and others, namely Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex.


That was evidenced by the most crass comment that I have ever heard coming out of someone’s mouth; Leverton’s comment, when he said that I had to “TAKE IT ALL ON THE CHIN“. THAT IS ON FUCKING TAPE


They are not there to catch ALL criminals, just MALE criminals or should I say men and young lads who have been suspected of a crime.

Even the justice minister said that women’s prisons should be closed



So, this SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION OF MEN goes right up to the top

It is then hardly surprising that the police treat all men like absolute shit when they arrest them and that goes for WPCs too

What is a man who has been so unjustly treated by the police, (who do fuck all about allegations that he made), going to do about it?

What was I to do? Just accept that my life had been ruined for no real fucking reason at all? Or, as LEVERTON said “TAKE IT ON THE CHIN

The answer is my blog.

I am totally in my right to accuse certain people of doing injustice to me and THAT is not harassment.

I am not a lawyer and have not studied law since the short law course when I was studying for my professional exams, 35 years ago.


How the fuck am I supposed to know that the law has become so biased against men that I am not allowed to give my opinion on my own fucking blog and it is an opinion. I have not even watched one bit of news for over two years. I only heard about this virus that I think I have, from Liesel’s Dad in an email and then, when I was feeling up to it, did some digging on the net. I used to get my news from my osteopath or the delivery drivers but even that has all gone now and has for a while now.

That is why I wanted Liesel to “take me” last night so that my life would end and be with the ones that I loved, my darling mother and my beautiful Liesel.

I can no longer endure this fucking warped society and world anymore.

I cannot take my own life; the self preservation kicks in but I am hoping that tonight, Liesel will agree to my pleadings and I will be gone.

This is the email that I sent to the courts and the arseholes who have ruined my life but not Ms Leonard; she has done nothing to hurt me

David Hender
Wed 18/03/2020 23:20
  • Isle of Wight Magistrates Court;
  •  Kimberley Leonard (Sky News)
+11 others
Formal allegations against W.T. Hender V.J.B. Hender S.J. Parkinson and others for direct and indirect harassment and for other crimes.docx
27 KB
By the time that you read this, I will hopefully be dead and good fucking riddance  to this country and this world.
There comes a time when enough is enough. That time has come. When the police and courts cannot look further than the end of their noses in seeing that I have been set up like a kipper, right from April 2016 by my family, the police, the courts and my father’s associates; bribery, false allegations and illegal restriction of my sole source of income.
And when an officer of the police actually defends the actions of my daughter, who made malicious and false allegations against me, by saying “Take it on the chin”, that says it all about today’s police force that has been corrupted to the nth degree
I have fought since those 2016 allegations to defend myself against my father, my family and my father’s associates and to expose the real truth but, even after making detailed allegations against them, the police did fuck all.
The courts do not care a damn about my mental health issues that have been caused by all concerned and have me dragged into court in a delusional state to face spurious charges made up by my daughter and her mother at the behest of my father
That blog has given me a purpose, a way of blowing off steam but remember this.
I would NEVER have started my blog if my daughter had not kept on accusing me on her blog of sexually and physically abusing me in April 20177 months after the police cleared meBut much more than that, she accused my darling Liesel and her loving step mother of abusing her too. She could not defend herself so I had to do it for her. For those two reasons only, I started my blog and my very first post proves the existence of her blog, now conveniently for her deleted
Everyone with more than one single brain cell know that both the police and the courts discriminate against men and that was proven by the words that came out of Leverton’s big gob. They attack the vulnerable people in our society whilst letting the rich and corrupt people get away scot free, because it is less hard work than to defend a case in court.
And as to the way that both the police AND the courts ignored my agoraphobia, your are more useless than chocolate tea pots. You have done me more damage than you can ever imagine and has led to THIS decision.
I have a life will. Contact Wendy Price at redacted or redacted and Nick Saunders on redacted or redacted.
  • No post mortem
  • No embalming
  • Cremation only within 2 days
  • Two red roses on wicker coffin representing Liesel, my soul mate and I
  • No family, I don’t have any
  • No congregation
  • No religious representatives of any faith
To comply with my deeply held  Hinduist spiritual beliefs.
Verity, maybe my death will cause you so much shock that you will realise that life is not a game and you cannot play with people’s lives at the whims of others, for money. You are my one and only daughter and I forgive you for what you have done to me but YOU MUST turn a complete corner and grow up. If you turn out to be a good woman, my death will not have been in vein
My little brother, Prenesh: I love you as a blood brother and will look over you until you are with me but not for a long time. Do not be sad. I am now finally after 43 years free of pain and at peace
Nick, thank you for your continued support and understanding. I am so sorry that I will never now meet young Master Thomas and Andrea. All three of you will forever be in my thoughts
Father, I know you have been sick with Alzheimer’s for nearly 5 years now but why have you done this to me? At least, I will now be with a parent who loves me, my beloved Mum. I forgive you for what you did to me all of those years ago, a horrible memory that I have buried until recently

It was to be three red roses, representing me, Liesel and Verity, my true family, as was the stunning fountain at Long Barn bought to represent the three of us, 3 tiers of waterfalls. I was sad to leave it behind when I moved but I am sad no longer; I would smash the whole thing; it was 7 feet high

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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