A message to all of the Sky journalists that I know(updated)

This post is self explanatory and express my anger as to the cowardice of the Sky journalists.

These are Kimberley Leonard, Tom Parmenter, his wife Lisa Dowd, Martin Brunt and Lisa Holland, all respect SKY journalists but without an inch of humanity or morals

I even sent Kimberley Leonard a present to say thank you for reading my posts

What is happening to me and others like me and your complete failure to do anything about it

This message was sent with High importance.

David Hender
Thu 20/02/2020 10:07
  • Sky.Today;
  •  Kimberley Leonard (Sky News);
  •  Martin Brunt (Sky Court reporter)
+3 others
You are journalists but used to be people and you used to have morals and humanity.
Don’t you even care about what happens around you? People, like me, are being unjustly persecuted by the police on the basis of false accusations. Mine were made by my daughter and her mother at the behest of my father; this is all to do with money. Does it not all come down to that in the end?
I am sure that you will run the big story of Jeremy Bamber’s continued imprisonment, using his personal communications to me but, you would never run a story like mine because I am not important and not a celebrity but my case involves the corruption of one of the biggest corporate law firms in the country, if not the biggest and THAT is a story. But none of you, none of you, have even picked up the phone to call me to discuss it or to even acknowledge my emails.
I have given it all to you on a plate but you have done absolutely nothing; you are not journalists but, I am sorry to say, you are mere puppets and overpaid hacks. I respected all of you but no more, well not unless you act on the copious amounts of information that I have provided to you, including full details of the interactions with the inept, corrupt and unprofessional police.
Do you not have a single moral left in your body anymore?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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