Turning families against each other

It is a very sad thing to say but families do break up; they just fall out of love, which is sadly natural, where a divorce or separation will be amicable, but when there is, say, adultery, things really break down and to not put a too finer point of it, it turns into a bitter battle filled with animosity. Then there is one legal team against another.

If there are children and that is generally the case, things go up a notch as the father wants to keep contact with his  children, whom he loves but the mother wants the father to have nothing to do with them. I say it that way as, time after time, year after year, the courts deem that it is better that the children stay with the mother.

As a result of that, there are serious financial consequences for the father,let alone the emotional ones, who we assume to be the main bread winner as the wife has, during the happy marriage, looked after the child or children and both the wife and the child or children have been financially supported by the father. (Sometimes it is the man who is the house husband but it is rare.) That is and has been the man’s role through millennia, right back to when man killed mammoths et all to feed his family, putting his own life in jeopardy.

Whether it is hundreds of thousands of years ago or now, the situation is just the same. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the “wife” would never leave the family; she cared for the children and the man provided for them all. Again I will say, risking his own life in the process.

In the modern day and for hundreds of years, the man has normally gone out to work with the wife normally caring for the children. If either the wife or the husband takes fancy to another person of the opposite sex or even of the same sex, a divorce normally ensues.

Engrained in the male, over millennia, is the compulsion to look after his children and the man will normally do, whatever it takes, for the children to be unaffected as possible.

To this end, even though the man has normally paid everything for the purchase and subsequent finance of the house, when his wife says “get out of my house”, he will oblige, thinking only of his children and will move into a pokey flat, if not worse.

In the divorce, even if the man seeks joint custody, he will rarely get it and the judge, normally a woman, will give custody solely to the mother; this is where the problem really starts. There is sadly a very common and misguided belief that a woman can look after children better than a man; that is absolute crap, normally

As the father of the child or children has very limited access to the children, more often than not, the wife will slowly manipulate and mould the children so that they end up hating their father.

This moulding and manipulation of children is a gross form of abuse and is as bad for the child or children as sexually abusing them as it leaves permanent mental scars.

Of course, the justice system is so inadequate and so biased, generally, towards the wife that there is no such law for this horrendous abuse.

Not only has my own offspring been turned but my oldest buddy on the mainland has had both of his children turned by his ex wife; first the daughter and then the son.

Can anyone who has not been affected by this, actually understand the pain, suffering and mental anguish that is caused but it goes further than that.

If the ex wife and daughter become malicious and turn up the heat, then because of the sexually discriminative attitude of the police, they will just fall for it every time and will go after the man, time and time again, even if there is absolutely no legal basis for doing so.

That is even more heartbreaking for a man, if he has not suffered enough; mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

Because they are “little damsels in distress“, the police will go after the man with such vigour, such aggressiveness, such intimidation and with such a threat of violence that he stands little or no chance.

That poor man, who has done bugger all, will then be slung into the back of a police van, even if he is suffering from a mental or physical disability, which will be ignored by the police (in direct contravention of the Police And Criminal Evidence act, THEIR OWN RULE BOOK), taken to the station and then it is effectively over for him; he is in the system. He will be slung into a police cell with normally no water, soap or towel to wash his hands after going to the toilet and most times with no toilet paper either, for one purpose and one purpose only; to dehumanise him and to intimidate him. He will then always be interviewed by not one but always two officers to increase the level of intimidation even more, with only one purpose in mind….


They will have already seized computers and laptops, taking away the man’s only means of being able to communicate with the outside world to make a defence against the outrageous allegations.

The police do this on purpose, not because they want to look at the computers as all computers and most laptops are password protected; they do not even take the power cables (so we are asked to believe that the police keep every power cable for every time of laptop and phone, are we?). That is to take away any chance of the man being able to defend himself properly in court, with the inevitable conclusion of a guilty verdict,

even though the man has done absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever

the man’s life is then stained and scarred forever

I have not watched the news channels for a few years now but when FATHERS FOR JUSTICE did one of their stunts, they were just mocked and laughed at.

That is just plain stupidity as all the wanted to do, as their name suggests, was to see their children.

The stunts may have been misguided but when the justice system, the police and the family courts ignore them, what the fuck are they meant to do?

But men and fathers do not matter, do they?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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