Jeremy Bamber’s message to me and my response

I want to get Jeremy’s message heard. I received an email from him today and below is my reply. Every other communication from him to me and from me to him will be posted. When I have time, I will post the old messages.

In addition, I will post the proof that I have sent money to him and, in his very own words, he has not received it

Jeremy's reply part 1

Jeremy's reply part 2

and my reply

Hi Jeremy,
14th Feb 2020

You sound in good spirits my friend. Belated happy birthday; hope you liked the card, uplifting I thought.

You see, the police and judiciary try and wear us down, using spurious claims as a tactic. They have known for a very long time that you were innocent but hid evidence at your trial to ensure your guilt, through the simply bizarre “public interest immunity” That is a contradiction in terms. For justice to prevail, the public and the courts must be aware of ALL the facts, not just what the police want them to see.

I was arrested yet again on Wednesday 12th Feb 2020 for yet more spurious claims from my now daughter and her mother. It has made my agoraphobia even worse than it was before but after consulting an expensive legal internet expert, he has put me on the right track and I have disputed all of the claims that led to my arrest.

I am quite sure that this was political as not only am I writing to you and sending you money (which I will come to), I have made a bloody nuisance of myself by writing to every single chief constable in the land to try and get them to do something regarding the totally false accusation of abuse against my daughter and the attempted blackmail/bribery by my father, together with all of his current antics, where he has asked the trustees of the family trust to go against legally binding trust documents; very complicated so I will not bore you; I will leave that until we are sitting in my lounge drinking a pint together, wherever that will be.

Take it from me, I have sent you a lot of money but I suspect that it has not gone to a wrong account; just that they are preventing you from having it; they are trying to wear you down Jeremy as all money is sent electronically and should automatically go into your account. I always triple check the details and, as a forensic chartered accountant, few if any errors escape my gaze.

It makes no difference to me or you if they censor my email as it will be published in full on my blog, for the whole world to see and the police would not dare to conspire with the government to have my blog taken down; all of the key information is saved off line and I would just start up another blog under an assumed name.

Like you, I have a sense of justice and honour and I am more than happy to put my head well above the parapet to speak my mind and to expose the corrupt police for what they are. I will not be bullied or cajoled by anyone let alone the police. Like

you, I have an inner strength and that can never be taken away from me, no matter what they do to me.

My laptop was yet again seized but I borrowed my friend’s and so I am up and running again; nothing that they do will deter me, apart from killing me, which I am sure is not outside the realms of possibilities.

Once you are free, I will arrange and pay for an independent audit of all the money that people have sent to you and if there are discrepancies, then they will be published on my blog also. It is quite clear to me that your “email a prisoner money” has been fixed; both you and I know the reasons why.

I look forward to your release. As I have said many times, you can stay at whatever house I am in, free of charge for as long as you need to. You have lost all of your loved ones and you will need a place to live until you can get back on your feet again but there will be no rush; you will actually be good company for me.

But, alas, due to my agoraphobia that is now quite severe thanks to the police, you will have to venture out on your own if you want to see normal life but my current house, not home, is in about 5 or 6 acres, with plenty of fences.

Speak and hopefully see you soon my friend

All the very best


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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