My formal complaint against Surrey Police and specifically police constable 16847

I have decided that I have had enough of not only the bullying tactics of Surrey and Isle of Wight police but also the malicious harassment instigated by my first wife and my vicious, evil daughter.

You either keep on taking it and whither away or you fight back and that is EXACTLY what I am doing.

There are a number of complaints but the one regarding Sussex Police is nothing to do with my first wife, Samantha Parkinson or my daughter, Verity Hender. That is all to do with the incompetent, inept and biased attitude of the police, mainly to extract money out of me; they knew I was innocent; after all the prosecuting “officer” had a number of communications with my neurologist.

But this complaint and the others against Isle of Wight and Surrey police are purely personal. There has been the intention by my father of crushing me, using my daughter and first wife, as willing pawns; paid well of course.

When the sexual abuse allegations failed, he then used bribery and when that failed, he uses harassment claims made by my willing daughter and first wife.

Those three are a TRIAD OF EVIL

But they have underestimated me; they do not know me at all. They may damage me but they will never win; I will win, in the end, even if it takes years, that is if I live that long

My formal complaint against surrey constable 16847 (Rob)

This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Tue 11/02/2020 13:12
  • PSD (Main) (Surrey Police)
Dear Sir or Madam,
As I explained in my previous email, not long sent, I wish to formally complain against Surrey police constable 16847, whose name is Rob; he refused to give me his surname, which I am sure is against PACE policy.
The background
I was arrested on 31st December 2019 for harassment against my first wife, Samantha Jayne Parkinson and my daughter, Verity Jade Beatrice Hender. I was interviewed by a detective who said that I had sent an email in contravention of a warning by a police officer. Why they would waste the police’s time, I have no idea, as all they had to do, if they did not want to read my emails, was to block them, as we do for hundreds of unwanted emails that we all receive every year.
When I mentioned to the police officer that I had not received a single request from either Parkinson or Hender, he did say that he found that extremely strange but that the warning still stood.
Quite frankly, I dismissed the complaint as being malicious, never emailed Parkinson but did continue to email Hender, as I was her father, I wanted to break the atmosphere of acrimony, as every single parent in this land would normally do.
When the detective interviewed me, she asked me if I had sent any emails to my former wife. I said that I honestly could not remember. I send hundreds of emails every month as this is my only source of communication. She kept on pushing me and I said that I didn’t know for sure; I cannot even remember what I had for supper a week ago, let alone one of hundreds of emails.
She then presented me with the email; it was a clear trap; it was supposedly from October sometime. It was extremely unjust to ask me a question that I could not possibly give a definitive answer to. {Indeed when I finally got home, I searched my hotmail account for any emails sent to my first wife, even restoring all of my deleted emails; there were none, so I can only assume that it was forged, which is easy to do if you know what you are doing.}
I was given the choice of either attending a domestic violence workshop for two days on the mainland or having it referred to the CPS; that is no choice at all and so I had to accept the workshop option, which I am dreading because of my severe agoraphobia. I only leave my house twice a month, to pick up my anti epileptic medication and to attend my osteopath as I have a permanently damaged back and neck. That is it, everything else is delivered. I even collect the money for the osteopath on the way to him but a large sum to avoid unnecessary personal contact.
If I ever have to attend this workshop, which I sincerely hope that I do not given my condition, when I am asked “what are you here for?” and I reply that I supposedly harassed my daughter and first wife by email, they will just laugh.
Talk about cracking a walnut with a sledgehammer.
But, the detective did not care a jot about my mental health, which she was obliged to consider under PACE and, following this email, there will be a formal complaint against her also, with the hopeful result that I will not have to endure the long trip to Portsmouth and be in the presence of people that I do not know from Adam and in a place that I am uncomfortable in. I consider “domestic abuse by email” a ridiculous proposition. If that was the case, the police would be tied up in arresting every person or company that sends unwanted emails. Even the trip to the station in the back of a police van in a tiny space was traumatic enough but a kind lady constable watched over me constantly, with the sliding door open. Talk to her if you do not believe me
Why my computers were seized is beyond me as it served no purpose; because everything was passworded, they would have been unable to access any of my computers, old and new alike. As far as I am concerned, this was just some sort of petty punishment, to prevent me from having access to the only thing that I have left, the internet and my blog.
The following day, even given my severe agoraphobia, I had to endure a traumatic journey to PC World to buy another laptop; I bought the first one that I could find and I was out in 5 minutes, back to the security of my car that was my home (literally as I slept in it for weeks in a layby during my second divorce)  and which gave me some relief; the computers that they seized were very old and probably did not even work.
The matter at hand – the basis of the formal complaint
I received a call yesterday from constable 16847, only known to me as Rob, because he refused to give me his surname, which I am sure is against PACE rules. If a suspect has to identify himself or herself, then it is only just that an officer of the law does the same.
You cannot have one rule for one class of person and one for another. What happens if the suspect is mistreated and does not know who the officer is? There is then nowhere to seek justice against officers, as they are, in all intense and purposes, anonymous.
He said that there had been another complaint from my first wife and my daughter of email harassment and that I had broken the promise that I made to that detective as, if I had failed to comply, I could have been justifiably arrested.
I said to the officer that given the warning that I had been given on New year’s Eve, I categorically had not sent any emails to either Parkinson or Hender; he could check my emails if he doubted me.
He insisted that I came to the station to be interviewed under caution but I refused; I said that I had agoraphobia and under PACE, this had to be taken into account; he (finally) agreed on that point. I said that an officer could come here and interview me but nowhere else.
He said that he would get back to me in the afternoon, as I had to rest. I stipulated between 5pm and 9pm and he agreed.
Before I went to my bed, I called Surrey Police and said that I was being harassed by both my first wife and my daughter and that they were making malicious allegations against me and that:
  • I was the victim
  • I was being harassed by both my first wife, my daughter and the police
The person said that they would have to liaise with Isle of wight police. He even suggested that they would have to deal with me first before dealing with my counter harassment claims, which is plainly ridiculous. {with all of the police resources, can they only do one thing at a time?}
Surprise, surprise, I received no phone call as there was not a shred of proof that I had emailed either of them since 31st December 2019.
This is classic sex discrimination against me, as a man. They are prepared to take the word of a woman on the phone, alleging harassment but without a shred of evidence, no emails, nothing, the police were prepared to yet again put me through hell.
Of course, there is no evidence whatsoever. Even if the police contacted hotmail and had my permission to do so, they would not find a single email to them post 31st December 2019.
But, the police are prepared to take action against me, for something that I did not do (again) but refuse to take ANY action against either Hender or Parkinson; that is blatant sexism and blatant gender bias.
The latter with kid gloves and the former with size 9 boots; everyone knows this unless you are blinkered and use the approach “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.
It is quite clear that no action has been taken against either Verity Hender or Samantha Parkinson because, if it had, as the victim, I would have been informed by the police.
The basis on my complaint against officer 16847 is as follows:
  1. Lack of professional standards in his failure to apply the rule of law to ALL members of society, specifically equally to both genders
  2. Treating me like a common criminal
  3. Disregarding my agoraphobia and demanding that I attend the police station for an interview under caution but then, on my insistence and refusal to attend the station, accepting it, which is contrary to PACE with regard to possible suspects with mental health issues, of any sort
  4. Gross lack of the application of ethical standards to me
  5. Sexually discriminating against me with regard to what he “applies” to me, as opposed to the inaction that he applies to both Verity Hender and Samantha Parkinson
I demand his immediate dismissal or at the very least his admonishment for gross dereliction in duty with a very heavy fine.
To ensure transparency, this email will posted in full on my extremely popular blog.
I understand that I cannot personally sue a police officer but Isle of Wight police as well as Surrey police will be sued for substantial damages due to the damage that has been caused to me. You should be aware that I have plenty of email addresses of highly respected journalists in my contacts list.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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