Formal complaint against a police constable of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight constabulary (unknown)

The police never offer their identities, as they know damn well that their behaviour will lead to prosecution; so you only know it if you find it on a bit of paper.

This complaint arises from my arrest on 31st December 2019, yes New Year’s Eve; that was no coincidence, all planned for maximum impact on me and maximum interruption to my life.

But they never achieved that. In the end, they were forced to release me and I went to my house and had a lovely New Year’s Eve lamb supper, all washed down with Lanson pink champagne or was it two bottles; in fact, I think that it was.

This is the email regarding my complaint, not that I was arrested per se but because they completely ignored my severe agoraphobia. The whole incident has caused me serious trauma and has led to me cutting myself off from the world, even more.

But, I will not give in; I will never give in.

Here is the complaint email

Formal complaint against a male police constable (and female detective in part 2 of this complaint)- Date of incident 31st December 2019

This message was sent with High importance.
David Hender
Tue 11/02/2020 22:00
  • Hampshire and Isle of Wight PSD Main
Dear sir or madam,
I wish to make a formal complaint against two police officers, a male police constable who attended my home and the detective who interviewed me during the afternoon of 31st December 2019.
Due to the complexity of this complaint, it will be dealt with in two parts, firstly the male police constable who attended my house.
I do not have their names nor do I have their badge numbers but it will not be difficult to identify who these people are; indeed police officer 16847 did say the detective’s name, during his call to me of 10th January 2020, but he said it very quickly and I did not pick it up. Indeed, it is my right to know their identities or at the very least their ranks and badge numbers. If this information is withheld by you, then it is clear that Hampshire Police have got something to hide, with the inevitable conclusion that this is a witch hunt, directed solely at me.
The male police constable who attended my house with his female colleague
From the outset, this officer was very aggressive. He repeatedly said to me that I was going to be arrested, despite me saying that I had severe agoraphobia. I also pointed out to him that he was being recorded, as there was a wireless camera to one side of me and the main unit is on 24 hour continuous recording; the hard drive is very large but, even given that, once I had returned home, I stopped the system recording and will download the relevant sections including when the female officer searching my kitchen; what exactly she was looking for, is anyone’s guess. It certainly was not knives because she missed two huge knife blocks next to my cooker.
I told him that I needed to wash and change and they let me go upstairs. He entered the bathroom before I did and said that I could not go in there because there was a screwdriver on the floor. This had been there for months and had been used to try and turn off the water supply, after a major water leak, which caused major damage. This was documented on my blog, long before there was even an thought of New year’s eve.
He refused to let me wash and said there were facilities at the station. {There was no hot water, no soap and no towels of any sort in my police cell}
He could have just picked up the screwdriver, to allow me to clean my teeth and wash properly but that was clearly outside the realms of his intellect. I thought that officers had to pass basic intelligence tests before any possibility of entering the force.
It is clear that he did have the intelligence but he wanted to make life as difficult for me as he could (and to demean me as much as possible) so he brought out to the landing my toothbrush loaded with a bit of toothpaste plus a filthy glass used to store my beard cutting tools. He gave me no choice but to use what he had provided.
I then went to my dressing room to change. He insisted on coming in with me, even though there were no doors or windows in there; he at least turned around when I was getting changed but his presence there was totally unnecessary.
Once dressed, he took me back downstairs and, as I had no idea as to how long I would be, my medication that I have to take for the rest of my life was collected, the female constable took everything out of the medicine cupboard. If she had let me do it, half of the amount would have been taken to the station.
{Even though he was not in uniform, one of the “officers” behind the desk said that he was just going to mark it all as medication and “stuff it on one bag”. This was extremely lazy and unprofessional of him, considering how essential my medication is to me. If it had been weapons or knives, every single one would have been individually marked, listed and bagged but, as it was articles “keeping me alive”, he did not care. How did I know what had and had not been taken from my house?}
Whilst still in the house, the male constable insisted on grabbing as many computers as he possibly could; he made a B line for the laptop so he had been clearly forewarned that was in existence, as I had legally been expressing my opinions on my blog and ALL police forces were well aware of this.
It would not surprise me if the police actually approached my first wife and daughter, asking them to make statements, rather than the other way around
He even had to climb over boxes and boxes of stored possessions that had all been moved there because of the water leak, to recover two tower systems that I have not used for well over two years. He didn’t care what cables he pulled out or what damage he was doing; he just wanted to seize the computers. He behaved like a man possessed
The seizure of the computers was a completely pointless exercise anyway, as they could not be accessed by any police officers, as they were all passworded.
That was not the reason though. The police had no intention of doing anything with the computers; they just wanted to stop me from accessing the internet and posting blogs about my mistreatment by the police.
Those two tower systems are still in the dining room, as I have no real use for them. They are only being kept for data protection act reasons, as they were all used in my previous internet business and have stored personal customer information on them. Of course, not only did he miss the server that was right by the tower systems but the 5 or so tower systems stored in the office down the garden. They were used when I first moved to my house but after every single computer had been seized in April 2016, I went out and purchased a very powerful laptop, the one that was seized on New year’s eve.
The whole incident is recorded on my CCTV system, as I have said and also on the constable’s body camera, which I am sure has been wiped by now.
I strongly believe that neither of them knew of my agoraphobia but, if the female constable had been in charge or on her own, she would have abided by the strict regulations, with regard to PACE in respect of my serious condition and would not have forced my arrest; she would them have relayed that back to the station and arrangements would have been made to visit and interview me at home
My formal complaint, against the the male police constable is based on the following:
  • Under PACE, he was legally required to take into account my serious condition of agoraphobia but he grossly breached those regulations, without a thought for my wellbeing or personal safety.
  • Even though I was suspect, he afforded me no respect whatsoever.
  • I was not violent in any way
  • There was absolutely no reason for him to seize my computers and was done for the sole purpose of causing me even more harm, as his obsession with seizing my computers make it quite clear that he had already been appraised of my condition and knew that the internet was my sole connection to the outside world
  • Without the purchase of that new computer, I would have been unable to order my new medication, which I have to take for the rest of my life. HE WAS THUS PUTTING MY HEALTH AND PERSONAL WELLBEING IN JEOPARDY
  • He has thus behaved in contravention of PACE
  • He exhibited thuggish behaviour as is recorded on my CCTV system and on his body camera that has probably been wiped. The CCTV footage will be published on my blog
  • He ignored the advice/information that I gave him that I had severe agoraphobia
  • He acted in a grossly unprofessional manner
  • He has acted in a serious unethical manner
  • The whole arrest was a set up and was designed to prevent me from accessing the internet to write my blog concerning my mistreatment by the police and that I was specifically targeted
  • He has brought the reputation of Hampshire police into disrepute.
I therefore demand an immediate investigation, leading to his immediate suspension and dismissal or at the very least, admonishment with a heavy fine. I must be advised of his fate with full details, otherwise this will be referred to my solicitor, for suing of Hampshire Police for major damages and will also be referred to the IPCC and to journalists, with whom I am in regular contact.
In the interests of transparency, this entire email will be published on my blog, together with the relevant clips showing my illegal arrest, due to my agoraphobia with both video and audio
Part 2 of this complaint, regarding the female detective, will follow tomorrow

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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