On my Liesel’s and my mother’s life

I have just had a call from a police constable at Newport police station. He says that there is yet another allegation of harassment against my daughter and her mother.

Since I was arrested on New Year’s eve, I have been very careful to not even copy links of posts to either of these individuals.

The call was not particularly acrimonious but I said that I was making a counter allegation of harassment against both my daughter and her mother.

This is not a coincidence as my father is now well aware of what I have done insofar as reporting Claire Edwards, Lisa Mayhew and Ron Downhill to the SRA, as well as exposing his tax evasion.

Although the constable said it was from both of them, I doubt that there was even a harassment complaint by my daughter.

I told the constable to check my telephone records and that he could check all of my emails if he wanted to. I tried to phone him back with the password and email address but, of course, no one answered. I wanted him independently to check my emails. I have not seen either of these toe rags for roughly 5 years

It is very easy in this day and age for a female to accuse a man of any crime, even without a single piece of evidence. But the man has to go through the whole investigation whilst the females sit pretty.

But, I am not going to stand for it; last time they caught me unaware but this time I said that I refused to go to the station and, under PACE, they had to account for my agoraphobia. Indeed, I said that if this continued, I would not only sue my daughter and her mother for harassment but I would also sue the police for the same.

After the events of New Year’s eve, I have not even contacted them by email and that is on my Liesel’s and my mother’s life

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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