I am taking a bit of a break from the usual battle against just about everyone and have just watched a film called “Searching” with John Cho as the lead. If you do not know who John Cho is, he starred in the prequels of Star Trek as a young Mr Sulu.

It should have got an Oscar but, of course, he is considered to be a “minor star” and would not get an Oscar in a million years; he is not one of the “beautiful people”

It took me a while to get into this film, I admit but it grew on me and whilst I am writing this, I am watching it again; if I can, I will save it on my Sky Box.

I will try and not spoil it for people but it basically involves a father searching for his missing daughter.

The point that I want to make is not actually about the film story itself but the underlying context.

What it demonstrates is that police are very quick to come to the wrong conclusions, as they did with Jeremy Bamber

and me for that matter, with regard to the grossly false allegations of my daughter that led to my life being destroyed.

This is what the police do:

  • They take so called evidence
  • They do not check the evidence
  • They then go and arrest the suspect
  • They ruin his home, turning it into just bricks and mortar and violate every single possession that is precious
  • They throw him into a police cell
  • Although they say that they will grant you your human rights, depending on the crime, they will not, certainly when there are accusations of abuse
  • Police so called officers are not very bright and are poorly educated.  (That is nothing about privilege or what you have in life) They act like robots “ticking boxes” and never use what brain matter they have at all.
  • The police could never get jobs and succeed in the real world; they would just fail dismally
  • The so called detectives never think “outside the box” and NEVER look at any other possible scenarios
  • The police and the so called detectives investigating the alleged crime will assume that you are guilty, even though they have no evidence whatsoever to support that and will treat you like absolute shit, the lowest of the low, the scum
  • If, in the unlikely event, that you prove your innocence, they will never deem you to be innocent rather that they will deem that insufficient evidence has been found; in the eyes of the police, you are NEVER EVER innocent ( I want those women reading this in their cosy rooms to just think about that, because it will never happen to them, as men are always presumed guilty and women are always presumed innocent by the police)
  • If you show that they would certainly lose the case if it went anywhere near a courtroom, both the police and the CPS will backtrack and cover up evidence that would unequivocally prove your innocence (as in the case of Jeremy Bamber where the police, CPS and government use a “PUBLIC INDEMNITY IMMUNITY” to hide evidence that would prove his innocence.
  • This covered up evidence would prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the police and the so called detectives failed very badly during the investigation
  • Fact: The police will do whatever they can to ensure that their ineptitude and incompetence is not exposed, even if it means that an innocent man goes to jail or, in my case, goes through hell.
  • If they have their suspect but cannot prove it, that person then falls into a limbo, FOREVER
  • They will not re-interview the accuser to see if they are actually telling the truth, especially if the accuser is a girl or woman and demand evidence; specific dates etc. Most girls keep diaries and Verity did but they could not be bothered in asking her; if I had abused her, she would have kept records in her diary, saying that her Daddy did something that she was uncomfortable with. Girls, especially, put everything in their diaries.
  • If you kick up a real stink and start to embarrass them, they will try and gag you




The modern police are

  • Inept,
  • Corrupt,
  • Lazy
  • Incompetent
  • Liars

Even though the media are well aware of these injustices, they will not spend any time investigating as it is not sexy

What is sexy are:

  • Women and children be forceably moved from their homes ( the thousands of men suffering the same fate barely get a look in)
  • Bombing of concerts, especially where there are girls attending (if it was a concert attended by men, I doubt that it would get any news air time)


Just take Grenfell; how many women were interviewed as compared to the men?


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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