Yes, this article has been triggered by my previous post https://davidhender.life/2020/02/09/searching/

but is nothing really to do with the film.

My daughter, my father and other members of the family have out me through absolute hell and it still continues.

But, even though that has happened, if my father or daughter, Verity, ever went missing, I would look for them until the I had searched the ends of the earth, literally.

My so called brother’s and my cousin’s lives are dictated by money, more so my so called brother and they would put themselves before my father and Verity, every time. My so called brother would, that is for sure, as he only thinks about himself. After all, he Mum was ill with Alzheimer’s and he did bugger all about it; he never visited her in the home that I had found for her and very rarely visited her at home when she was ill; it was an inconvenience to him, always.

As to her mother? She would just leave it in the hands of the police and would even just go to work. She never cared about or even loved Verity as she was a “means to an end”, which translates into money

After all, for her formative years, she got bored and left a very young Verity in the hands of an au pair. I have said many times that her mother confessed to me that she had no maternal instinct at all.

It goes further. I am convinced that Parkinson only got herself pregnant as a long term plan; sadly many women do. Give it a few years and then divorce the husband and because they have a little child, they get the majority of what is left after paying off all the bills.

Remember that I paid the mortgage on that house in Fetcham and, as I could not even afford the house with it, I approached my father for a loan, which he gladly gave. But, of course, he has down a complete about turn now because it suits him.

Even though I paid for everything and Parkinson had the gal of taking money out of the joint account, all my money I might add as she had separate accounts, some which she hid from the courts) and then paying for a remote control gas fireplace, even though she knew the house was going to be sold and hen, during the divorce, took out yet more money for “Verity’s expenses”, which were just big lumps of cash, she got away with the majority of the money and left me homeless

So, I had to spend 6 months back at my parents and I was now 35; I had no other alternative.

Even after this time, I could only afford a shoe box, Surrey is very expensive and so he had to lend me a bucket load of money, money that I cannot ever repay but will be as it will be set off against any inheritance that I receive, not that I am going to get any now, after he illegally change his will with TWM Solicitors of Guildford.

She had and has no conscience at all and even after the divorce, used my never ending love for Verity to extract yet more money out of me. I was paying around £450 maintenance a month but, at the end of the day, it was more like £650, which was a lot of money in those days; money which I didn’t have.

  • Even after her mother stole that money £1.3M inc interest
  • Even after her mother had countless affairs
  • Even after her mother refused to include her in her love letters to her lover

Even after all of that, Verity has still turned against me but it is me who would go out searching for her, if she was missing; not her mother, not any of my family and not her beloved granddad.

She was coerced to accuse me of those allegations or did it of her own accord; talk about biting the hand that feeds or rather fed you.

But the police, with their grossly blinkered approach, do bugger all; they would not even arrest my father for the bribery that he attempted on me

Is this bribery or is this bribery

Dad letter page 1

Dad letter page 2

Of course, when my Mum was alive and giving the pretence of being congenial, I was happy to go along with everything including agreeing to his request of resigning as trustees to the UK trusts, replaced by Marriott.

But right after my Mum died, both he and Marriott changed their tune and it quickly became clear that I was being shafted, in favour of my brother.

My bastard father is a great conman

The second divorce was a godsend to him; I had lost everything and was now beholden to the trust from Switzerland that was set up using tax evaded money (Total proceeds approx £15m, evaded tax £6), all set up by Berwin Leighton Paisner.

Of course, being in Switzerland,the trust is untouchable and can do whatever they like. I now solely rely on the income from the trust due to my bad health and the fact that all of my capital went in the divorce.

So, the trust, directed by my father, have me by the balls and can do whatever they want; now, of course, they are making up erroneous loans that were made with my father, not the trust. Because he knows damn well that I am getting bugger all when he dies, he is getting repayment via the trust and I am powerless.

But, as I have declining health, I have nothing to lose anymore; I will die soon. But the fight keeps me going that little bit longer and once the payment in April is made, whatever it may be, I will just provide everything to HMRC’s trust and fraud section, complete with all papers and hopefully my father will be dragged into court and be heavily fined.

He cannot back out of court with the reason being that he has Alzheimer’s as everyone including his associates and the family have said that “HE IS FINE” and as the DVLA have allowed him to continue to drive including certification from his doctors, then that is yet more evidence that he should stand justice and be sentenced

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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