Jeremy Bamber – the gross injustice of his conviction due to the inept and corrupt Essex police

Jeremy was wrongly convicted of murdering his family 35 years ago and there was not a shred of evidence to prove his guilt. He was set up by his extended family, his cousins.

Guess what? The house that he should have inherited, as well as everything that went with his parents’ estates has been enjoyed by these disgusting people for the last 35 years.

The real culprit of the murders was his severely mentally disturbed “half sister” as both he and his sister were adopted but, because of planted evidence by the Eatons, the police twisted the facts and the jury took the final step of injustice and put him away.

Although Jeremy believes otherwise, I have absolutely no faith in his official campaign, as I see it as a complete con; they just take the donations and spend it. Oh, the put on special T shirts from time to time but do little else. Not even the head of the campaign has ever gone to see Jeremy and that says a lot about the efficacy of the organisation.

I recommend that you read as much as you can about the case and, if possible, get hold of the Crime and Investigation documentary; the last bit is extremely important as that proves that he was set up.

Of course, the police are just as guilty as they are using a ridiculous process called “Public interest immunity” which, if released, would complete exonerate Jeremy but it is kept hidden, away from the courts.

You would think that this would be against Jeremy’s human rights to have a fair trial, with ALL the evidence available  but as far as the judiciary and the police are concerned, provision of human rights is only provided when it is convenient to them, not to you.

I am in contact with Jeremy, not every day or even every month but he knows who I am, as I have sent him over a dozen messages, money and materials since I got involved, way back in 2018. No pat on the back please; I am doing this because Jeremy has suffered a gross injustice of massive proportions and now has been in prison longer than he was when he was put away; he was just 24 when he was found guilty.

But the powers at be do not want to release him and they are not interested in whether a gross injustice has been done or not. They want to keep him in primarily because the original investigation by Essex police was a cock up from start to finish and, as I have learned myself, the police do not like to be embarrassed and will hide or destroy evidence to ensure that their “positive profile” is maintained. Not only that but if Jeremy’s sentence was deemed to be “unsafe”, huge amounts of compensation would need to be paid to Jeremy but no amount of money would compensate Jeremy for his loss of freedom.

When I was arrested for those false accusations, I was slammed into a police cell for hours and that was bad enough. I cannot even start to imagine what 35 years would feel like.

For you girls reading this, just imagine being locked up in a police cell for 12 hours, with CCTV watching your every move; I mean every move.

We cannot just shrug this off as “nothing to do with me” and get on with our cosy lives or apply the “if I cannot see it I am not going to worry about it” principal. A man is in prison for a crime that he never committed.

If the police are so confident of his guilt, release all the evidence that is being held under the public interest immunity, which you can translate into POLICE COVER UP and let the full case be heard with ALL the evidence.

No media organisation will take up the mantel because they are all cowards; what has happened to investigative reporting? Down the toilet, that is where.

Sky News, BBC News and all of the papers will not touch it because they are just weaklings, pure and simple. The BBC is a mouthpiece for the government, even with its left wing leanings, so you can forget them.

I can hear you whimper; what can we do?

You can do a bloody lot. Governments’ actions are dictated by public and media pressure, we all know that.

So get on your Facebook, your Instagram or whatever and spread the word. Write to your MP although they are as useful as chocolate tea pots

On top of that, you can give Jeremy hope. Email him and tell him what you think about his case.

Please do not swear in your email, no matter how angry you feel, as they may use that as an excuse for not giving Jeremy the email.


Of course, the government have set up another cash cow, where they charge you for emailing a prisoner and again for his reply.

That is wrong but we have to work with what we have got.

If you want to email Jeremy, this is what you do

  • Log onto email a prisoner at
  • Deposit a few pounds into the account that you have set up
  • Email Jeremy. You will need some details and they are:
  • Name: Jeremy Bamber
  • Prison: Wakefield Prison
  • Date of birth: 13/01/61

Remember that if you want a reply, you need to tick the box

This is how it should look

write an email to Jeremy

If you have a gross sense of injustice, not just for Jeremy, but for many people, you now know what to do.

Literally put your money where your mouth is.

I have put my money where my mouth is; now you do it and do not moan about it.

It is no more that the cost of a MacDonald coffee

And please, he has been in prison for many years, longer than most of you have been alive, so no stupid emails, sent just for a laugh.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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