Skyscrapers and corruption

In a perfect modern world, with all of the modern technology, life in a skyscraper would be perfectly safe; but that is in a perfect world.

People, who commission skyscrapers, tend to go for the lowest quote. After all, it is about making the most amount of money, isn’t it.

When there is a low quote, something needs to “give” and that means low quality of work and also a low specification of materials. But with a tall building, where lives are at risk, the highest specification is required.

But, even given the risk of lives, there are always shortcuts and the reason that there are shortcuts is greed and corruption.

Of course, builders will say that they kept within the building code of every relevant country but, of course, they have not; more cost savings.

“Cost savings” seems an innocuous phrase, doesn’t it? But what it really means is that inferior materials have been used. So what if the building turns out more expensive but as long as it is safe; the builders just earn a few hundred thousand less or even a few million, does that matter?

In a perfect world, it would not matter but, of course, it does, to the builders. It is that “G” word again.

Just look at what happened in the Grenfell Tower. 72 innocent people of all races died, for no reason.

The council built the tower at a low cost, with inferior materials and materials with inferior specification, because it was a council build. When they refurbished it in 2016, the materials that they used on the exterior of the building were highly flammable and a great deal of the work done on the inside was of poor quality with little fire protection at all.

Of course, the council big wigs never got the blame, although they benefited from the massive savings that they made on the original build and the renovations; I am sure that there were a great many kick backs; corruption was everywhere.


If I could afford to build a skyscraper myself, I would throw as much money at it that was needed.

But, as my life, for what there is left, would be in the hands of corrupt builders, I would never live in such a place if you paid me a million pounds.

Even one of my father’s late friends, kept a rope ladder in his bedroom in his house.

Yes, living in a very tall building gives you wonderful views but, if you were a thinking person, who would be scared stiff of what could happen to the building and to you.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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