The great Isle of Wight council tax rip off

This all started when my black bin was stolen from the front of my property.

So, I contacted the Isle of Wight council and finally got a reply. The woman said that I had two options.

Either to report it to the police and get a crime number, in which case the bin would be free or pay £10 for a replacement.

Both options were unpalatable to me, as I hate the isle of wight police, due to what I have had to endure from them in the past and, as they are inept, incompetent, thugs and are biased, I want nothing to do with them at all.

In fact, it was solely due to the IOW police that I want to move off this rock, as they completely violated my home and everything that is precious within it, all thanks to false allegations made by my evil daughter, Verity.

Although I now get a single person’s discount, the gross council tax is very high and I found the second option just as unpalatable.

So, with a numbers brain, I decided to do an exercise, comparing my previous home in wealthy West Sussex with my house here on the Isle of Wight, an island where the infrastructure is falling apart.

So, when I sold my house in Sussex, I received approx £1.1M for it. It was in the parish of Findon and was a band H, the highest band. The gross council tax for my house, in 2019/20 was £3,601.76.

When I bought my house here on the Isle of Wight, it cost me £450,000. It is a band E, with a gross council tax for 2019/20 of £2,279.85.

If you “discount” the council tax in Findon, to bring it down to a house value of £450,000, you arrive at a figure of £1,473

{450/1100 X 3601.76}

That pro rated figure is £806 LESS than the gross amount of council tax for my property

Let’s do it the other way and “uplift” the council tax on my house to the value of my old house in Findon.

You arrive at an outrageous figure of £5573, that is £1,971 extra

{1100/450 X 2280}

There is not a single property in the Findon parish or any other parish in the Arun District that pays that council tax

It just goes to show what a rip off the Isle of Wight is. The island is falling apart.

Yes, we now have nice roads but there is a rule in the councils; if you do not spend your budget one year, then the next year it will be reduced.

For the amount of council tax islanders pay, we should have gold plated roads and to charge £10 for a stolen bin is simply disgusting.

And there is more, although this applies to all councils in England.

When you get your massive council tax bill, if you look in the small print, you will see that it says “council tax is based on two adults sharing” or words to that effect.

But, if you then apply for a single person discount, as I have done since I moved to the island, you only get a 25% discount, when you should actually get 50% off your council tax bill.

I do not know about you but I think the councils have got their maths wrong. No, they have not, of course.

That is because council tax is just another tax that has little justification at all and is levied to finance the big council executive salaries, the massive team of tax collectors and admin, together with huge expensive premises.

It is a bloody outrage and I cannot understand as to why people just accept it and pay up. It is because we all get tax after tax levied onto us and get so overwhelmed, that we just give up and if we complain about our council tax and refuse to pay, we will get arrested and put in prison.

There is an irony. In affluent West Sussex, where I used to live, people have huge incomes and pensions and can easily afford to pay such taxes, even if they are, pro rata, much less than on the Isle of Wight.

But, on the island, people have much lower incomes, there are no services to speak of, bugger all to do other than go to the pub and the Isle of Wight charges far higher council tax, pro rata, than most places on the mainland, except maybe London.

If people have a job on the mainland, they are then subject to another “tax” as the ferry costs are so outrageous that mile for mile, they are more expensive than the highest first class airline ticket.

So, islanders get “taxed” whichever way that they go.

This should be a public outrage or, at the very least, documentary after documentary but the Isle of Wight is a forgotten island and no one cares about the island or its inhabitants

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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