David Barnett – The injustice of his continued imprisonment (updated and enhanced)

No one in the UK will have heard of this man; this is an American story

Before you read any further, please read my article that I published last year


People talk all of the time about how a woman has been abused and maybe even fearing for her life “she snapped” and killed her abuser.

If that is proven, it is likely that the woman will get a light sentence or even be just released on probation.

That is fair enough; if there is a situation when one feels that one’s life is threatened, the brain goes into self defence mode and will possibly kill the abuser.

But, when it is a man who is abused, different rules apply. It is probably true that abuse against men is fewer and far between but I have suffered abuse at the hands of my second wife.

In this case, it was abuse of a vulnerable boy/man by a powerful and abusive male individual.

Even though it was reported, because male against male abuse is rarer than male against female, the police completely discounted it.

But, it does happen sadly; there are many paedophiles out there who relish abusing young boys and that even includes, on occasion, abuse by a female paedophile against a boy or young man.

One could say that even now, at the age of 56, I am being abused by my own father. He has tried to bribe me to leave the country, was probably involved in the false abuse allegations made by my daughter and is now financially abusing me by withholding large sums of money from me, on which I solely rely.

But, if I went into a police station and said that my father was abusing me, they would just laugh, such is the blinkered and biased viewpoint of the police, in most countries.

But, if you have read the article that I wrote in November of last year carefully, you will understand that David Barnett was horrendously abused, in all ways of the spectrum.

He, very understandable snapped, he confessed to his crime and is now potentially locked up for the rest of his life, if he does not get parole.

This is the big trouble. Society does not believe or even understand that a man can abuse a boy but they do understand that a man can abuse a girl, of all ages.

The attitude of society, around the world, has become so twisted and warped that they believe that a man can abuse a girl but never believe that a man (or woman) can abuse a boy or young man.

So, when a man abuses a boy and is killed as  a result, the jury go for the least line of resistance and say that it was just down to violence and that poor chap is potentially locked up for ever.

So warped is our society that so many innocent men are locked up in prison for crimes that they “understandably” committed.

There is an old saying; if it is good enough for the goose, it is good enough for the gander or, in this context, if it is good enough for the gander, it is good enough for the goose

Over the last few days, there has been a great deal of activity regarding David’s case.

It suggests to me that possibly David’s parole hearing is coming up. One would assume that the people looking at these posts are either family or the attorneys of David.

I have no issue with the attorneys cribbing my ideas, if that is what is happening, if they succeed in getting David out of prison, even though they will take all the credit and get the huge fees. David Hender who?

But David’s case just goes to show how unbalanced society is in the western world in that if a woman is abused, is psychologically affected and commits a crime against the perpetrator or there is some sort of trigger that causes the crime, that woman curries great sympathy from the jury and the media.

But, when it comes to a man in exactly the same position, all that the jury, media and judge see is a violent man and completely disregard how that man has got to this point. There is his great misconception that abuse crimes against men and boys just do not happen and even if those who will determine a man’s sentence do see that, it is completely ignored when it comes to a innocent or guilty verdict.

That is exactly what has happened in David’s case; they have thrown away the key. Even David’s first defence attorney ( a woman) was disinterested in David’s past abuse.

Over the years, there has been a huge “mindset shift” and I am sorry to say that both sexes treat abuse victims of both sexes in completely different ways; sympathy to the woman but no sympathy to a man. I suspect that was part of the reason why the first female attorney completely ignored David’s past, as it is sadly a case that the great deal of women feel that men should be punished and women let off, or at the very least have their past experiences fully taken into account.

I watch from time to time, a UK legal drama called Kavanagh, with that great actor, the late John Thaw. It is based on “current” legal practice and is a superb series. Even one of the barristers said that “the world has become very female centric” or words to that effect. That series ended in 1998 and female gender bias has become even worse since then.

As I said before, if I, a 56 year old man, walked into a police station and said that my father was abusing me by financial and conspiratorial means, I would be laughed out of the police station.

But, if I was a 56 year old woman, the police would sit up and listen and take action.

Whether it is sexual abuse or domestic abuse, it makes no difference.

Because of supposed complaints about me emailing my daughter to try and get her back, I have committed, according to the police, domestic abuse, even though I have not seen my daughter for 6 years.

But, if I was a woman in the same situation, the police would say that I was doing what a mother needed to do and if the recipient did not want to receive my emails, they could just block them. They would then let the woman off if it got that far. Indeed, I would never have been arrested in the first place but just talked to by the police.

It really does not matter what country you are in; the police, the judiciary and the media treat women with kid gloves but men with an iron fist.

Indeed, some of you may suggest that I am a misogynist (and I have been accused of being one on here) but if you do not agree with me as to the gender bias that exists in society, then you are blind or just “happy with your lot” and do not care about anyone else

Please now click here https://davidhender.life/2020/02/04/an-offer-to-the-supporters-of-david-barnett/

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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