A message to my father (updated)

Sadly, this is all self explanatory

A message to you
Tue 28/01/2020 13:06
  • Bill Hender;
  •  Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
  •  Lisa Mayhew Managing Partner Berwin Leighton;
  •  Ron Downhill
+2 others
I know that you have always considered me lazy and a playboy, even if Martin’s social life completely outshines mine. His 50th birthday: hiring the roman baths at Bath and have a massive party with all of his friends. Mine: Legoland with Rosanna and her two young boys but no friends, no family, no fun, nothing. Not even a card from you or my daughter or indeed my then wife or her two brats
You are forgetful now, I know that and I no longer know what you remember and what you do not.
Most of my woes can be tracked back to my brain cancer operation when I was 16 but it started 3 years earlier. Do you remember the chaos that took place in Corfu and the fact that I spent most of the holiday in the hospital. A 13 year old boy, there alone most of the time, with no one to talk to, not even the nurses or doctors who could not speak English; think what that would be like, in a foreign country, not knowing what was wrong with me, no one to talk to and my holiday ruined. I remember all of that as though it was yesterday
But when I was 16, they found the brain cancer and I was operated on the next day. You yourself told me that it was a 50% chance that I would die. Waking up, feeling very ill, not being able to move with loads of tubes coming out of my head. Your experiences in WW2 were a walk in the park compared to that. Then being so sick because of the long and heavy anaesthetic that I thought I was going to die.
Mr Walsh said that everything would be fine and, for a while, it was. Then I got those funny feelings in my legs back, which led to more fits and I could not drive anymore. Do you remember kindly driving me back to my home in Guildford? If you had not done that, I would not have been able to see you and Mum but I never saw Martin and we were supposed to have been close then.
I got “better” but the issue with all of that scar tissue was still there and it affected me greatly but I was controlled by drugs. I even got through my first divorce without any mishaps, which was a blessed relief.
You said that I was not up to the job at Premium Credit. That was not fair and you were wrong. Yes, I was not as good as you and Leon but did a grand job, even discovering that fraud that you investigated, all down to your nemesis, Cobb but it was all covered up; I could have lost my job over that and for what? Bugger all.
Then Premium Credit got bigger and bigger and who do you think suffered from that expansion? I did. I asked that armchair director, my supposed boss, Garrodd, to let me have extra staff. But unlike the sales divisions, who would get staff at a drop of the hat, I had to write reports justifying it; not one, not two, not three but four reports and every single one was rejected because they saw my division as just a cost centre.
But I carried on, taking more of the load myself, working long and longer hours. Then all that scar tissue that had formed in my brain came back to bite me. I was so stressed out, I had a nervous breakdown and I was put in the Priory, for a year. Even you who also had a breakdown was out quicker than that and your career was over, just like mine.
For about a year, you were right, I did not know what to do. I could never work for anyone again and I was lost. Then Footyboots came along and it was successful for a while, until Julian buggered off. I am great with numbers but I am a crap salesman but I tried and tried, even working over Christmas to try and keep the company afloat.
Then Liesel came into the equation and I had to balance trying to keep the company afloat with looking after her. I remember at the end of your drive, you said that you were proud of me for sticking by Liesel; you never even said that when I qualified
Liesel could not endure anymore and she left us on 16th December 2007. You know how close Liesel and I were and it destroyed me but I kept on working even if my life was empty but Verity kept me going.
Then Mum became ill and as you wanted to keep her at home, I got all of the calls. “I cannot control your mother, come up”. This happened nearly every day but I had to still try and keep the business going.
Then because of the stress of Mum being at home, you were rushed to hospital with your heart. I had to leave the business and come and look after Mum, whilst coming to you daily to give you your post. Do you remember that day when I brought you the statements? You had gone overdrawn for the first time in your life and freaked out.
I promised to sort it for you so went home to transfer every penny that I had, including my overdraft, to put you back in the black. Did I get a thank you? No, you just expected it of me
And where was Martin when my mum was ill and you were in hospital whilst simultaneously trying to run my business? ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE
There came a time when it was decided that you COULD NOT COPE and that Mum had to go in a home. Who spent hour after hour trawling the internet to find a suitable home for Mum? I did
Who then went around every home with you to find the right one for Mum? I did
All of this whilst still trying to run my business
Mum was taken to hospital twice, both very serious. Was Martin there? No, he was not but I was there all of the time for you and for her.
Then Mum left us. Who stayed with you after she died? Who chose Mum’s wicker coffin? Who looked after you? Who prepared the memorial service for her? Who made all of those lovely photographs to put in the screen just behind where you normally sit? I did all of those things. Sadly, Martin did nothing at all.
At Mum’s funeral, he said that he was sorry for not being there for Mum. You know that was said, you told me.
His excuse was that he had family to deal with. BUT I had my daughter and a business to deal with. I never saw Verity whilst I was looking after you, as you were the priority because you had just lost your wife.
I never sought or wanted any thanks for all of that, even though you never said it once. I did it out of love for my Mum and my love for you.
But what has happened since?
  • I have been falsely accused of abusing and hurting my daughter
  • You have tried to bribe me to leave the country, whilst giving up all of my shares at the same time
  • You paid Martin £545,000 of trust dividends but I did not get one penny
  • You allowed him to borrow money from the trust interest free and with no security
  • You paid him £1,250,000 as an advanced inheritance but I got nothing.
  • You said that I would get a smaller amount, taking into account the loans that you had made me from a UK trust but only when you died
  • But that trust has no money in it anymore
  • You have falsified loan documents to now include monies that were never in the trust loan agreement
  • You have arranged for the illegal deduction of monies from my dividend that bear no resemblance to any loan agreement condition
  • And much more
How is that I deserve all of this? I have done nothing to harm you; in fact, the complete opposite
I want to rebuild my life but cannot live on this island in this house anymore. It is not a whim. My home has been violated to turn it just into a house, bricks and mortar now.just like when a woman is raped. I have many things that I want to do. I want to do great things but working just for myself and to become financially independent again.
You keep me here, purposely on this rock in a prison without bars
But you, the trust officers of Paicolex Trust Management , its owner, Berwin Leighton Paisner and the trust are preventing me from doing all of that.
I have to ask the question; why Dad?
And did you know that I had an ECG yesterday after a suspected heart attack. Nick, my osteopath, says my body is in such a bad state that he now suspects I have a hiatus hernia in my stomach
If you don’t believe me, which you will not, here is the proof
ECG 27th January 2020
I fear it is just a matter of time now; what a fucking waste of a life
Your son

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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