Car SOS – An Apology to Fuzz Townshend

I have watched CAR SOS for many years and, due to my sheer frustration, I wrote to Fuzz saying that the show was contrived. Yes, obviously the scams that Tin Shaw have pulled off are contrived but Fuzz said to me that all stories of the car owners, with regard to their health, are rigorously checked.

It is a fact of life that there are always people worse off than you. I have had a pretty shit life, that is true, but there are people in this country who are far worse off than me.

I did get so upset with the series that I deleted everything, even the series links on Sky but, all of a sudden, the programme started popping up again and, as I have been in a better frame of mind than before, when I threw my toys out of the pram, I have been watching them.

There have been two specific episodes that really drove home the immense suffering that some people in this country endure.

The first was the rebuilding of a 1960’s Sunbeam Alpine for the owner, Ray. The owner will never actually drive it because, on a skiing holiday, he had an accident, was taken to hospital, there was a muck up which caused his brain to be starved of oxygen for ten minutes, causing brain damage, sending him blind. He can now only see shapes and the colour red, so his car, when finished, was repainted red so that he could just about see it.

The second was the rebuilding of a Lancia Delta Integrale for owner Gary, who had a litany of health problems.

During the filming of the episode of the repair of his car by Fuzz and the team, Gary passed away. I was simply shocked and I do not mind admitting that I cried. The car was left until the family had made a decision but when Tim Shaw spoke to the father, he asked if the car could be rebuilt as his son’s legacy.

The word was put out and, on the day of the reveal, just about every Lancia Integrale that was still on the road, turned up as a mark of respect and the car was handed back to Gary’s wife and father.

That took my breath away.

I know that many people in this country fall fowl of serious illnesses that curtail their normal lives and that, as petrolheads, the sight of their car gives them a massive moral boost.

Indeed, if my campervan, named after my mother, Betty, was put back on the road, it would give me a massive moral boost too but the rules of the programme prevent me from nominating myself; fair enough.

That is what always saddens me when I watch the programme. The cars are restored beautifully by Fuzz and his team but, given what has happened, I now have no family to nominate me and Betty.

I have made a promise to myself. If I ever get off this damn rock, I will be giving Fuzz a call to book to get Betty fully renovated and cost will be no object. When you are talking about your mother’s memory, cost just does not come into it at all.

So, to Fuzz, I say this

” I apologise unreservedly for the comments that I made about your programme; when I am wrong, I say so. I would dearly love you to wave your magic hands over Betty, to bring her back to the condition that I have always dreamed of, so that I can enjoy her again.

I am sorry for coming to wrong conclusions, marred by the various comments made on the internet.

I am all about trust, given what has happened to me and although there are many people out there who could fix up Betty and although I have never met you, I am convinced that you are a kind soul and would do Betty proud.

I am sorry Fuzz for the comments that I made a year ago.

With best wishes


The link to this post will go to Fuzz’s business

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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  1. I like the show a lot, I’ve Benn watching episodes every night since it came up on Disney+. The 3 week time limit is a bit contrived at times. My only other complaint is that with all of these “car people” nobody can correctly pronounce “Porsche”.


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