Blind loyalty of family and friends

I watch a series called “Snapped” which documents, for a change, what women have done and the murders that they have committed.

Even though the evidence was overwhelming, there are many family and friends who are interviewed, who stated that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and is innocent; there are a lot of such interviews in a programme and it detracts from the attempt to include “Snapped” in the first place, to try and balance with crimes committed by men; Sky is awash of the latter.

These family members are doing it out of blind loyalty and have convinced themselves that their mother could not possibly do such a thing.

This is so similar to my situation whereby my daughter knows DAMN WELL what her mother and her grandfather have done but has convinced herself that they are innocent, when they are not, and would rather put the blame on her very own father, whose life she has destroyed, through her lies.

What is the catalyst for this blind loyalty? Money and having a comfortable life; that is why.

I will never be able to fathom why a person who knows the truth would set up someone she said she loved for a crime that he never committed; in this context abuse and actually bodily harm by her Dad, me.

I know damn well that she reads most, if not all, of the posts relating to this issue and I have laid out the evidence that proves my innocence.

But, even then, she still sings the same tune as to her, her mother’s and her grandfather’s innocence.

Verity has always been motivated by money. She has seen her mother get away with ripping me off countless times and it has rubbed off on her, to the extent that she now says “if she can do it, so can I“.

I am partly to blame as I spoiled her as a child because either through pressure or manipulation, she got everything that she wanted; lots of expensive birthday parties and clothes.

But, in my defence, she was my only child and had no other direct family. If Liesel had met me earlier and had not got her cancer back, things would have been so different, as there would have been balance in my direct little family.

I do not even know how Verity would have behaved if Liesel had been well enough to have a child of her own; something that we planned in great detail, as I had taken her to specialist doctors, at great expense, although in this context, money didn’t matter. Verity would not have been the centre of attention anymore and would have reacted the same as when Meia and her daughter, Ocean, came into our lives; she did not like it at all.

In hindsight, Verity was a very selfish child and she got what she wanted; me and Liesel doting on her and neither did she like it when her grandfather stopped seeing her and spent a lot of time with her two girl cousins. She was not the centre of attention anymore.

Neither did she like it when Rosanna came into my life with her three sons; she was not the centre of attention then either and made that plainly known.

When her mother went off to sleep with other men, she hated it and it was very handy for her that Liesel was around as Verity was once again the centre of attention.

Indeed, when Verity told me that she had found one of the love letters sent by one of Samantha’s lovers, she was not bothered that her mother was having an affair; rather that she was mortified that she had not been mentioned in the love letter, whereas her half sister was.

Verity even told me that she hated her half sister and I have the emails to prove it; that brings Verity’s self centredness and selfishness full circle

Indeed, the fact that Verity was not the centre of attention during some of my relationships could be the real reason why she came up with those false allegations

That was why I asked my father to not fund her university costs; that she took out a loan, like most other young people, to the teach her to value money and not just expect everything on a plate. But my father, being arrogant, went against my wishes and has arranged that everything was paid for. He and my late mother taught me the value of money and it has never left me; the great opportunity to teach Verity the same was lost.

If and I say if this was all down to Verity and no one else, the allegations forced the family to ensure that Verity was again the centre of attention and she gained a lot of sympathy, with money being spent on her galore.

Verity gave herself a moniker “Verity Partier Hender” and had many parties, all at my expense, to ensure that she was at the centre of it all and had lots of people clucking around her.

Verity was my centre of attention from the day that she was born until Meia and Ocean came along. I think that this has all built up inside her over years, to the point that she decided that she would punish me by accusing me of those horrendous crimes.

Indeed, Verity, in her late teens has always jumped from one boy or girl to another, with no time alone, to ensure that she always came first, just like when it was just Verity and I.

She is with another young man and I dread what his life will be if they take the ultimate step; I guarantee that it will not last long unless this chap is a masochist and likes being utterly miserable.

Verity has not ripped me off as such but has spun such a web of lies that she has seriously benefitted from my demise, mainly because her grandfather favours her again and he has exhibited blind loyalty to her and to her mother, the very person who he previously despised and ripped off his son. Why does she do this?

Money, pure and simple; she is the greediest person who I have ever known, even exceeding her mother’s greed and that says something about what drives Verity. Not even her mother tried to get me put in prison, not even either of my ex wives (including her mother) did anything like that; they just ripped me off financially.

It shows that Verity will go as low as she needs to, to achieve her goal, more money and, of course, to be the centre of attention.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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