Chivalry is not dead but very convenient for women

When there is a couple walking along and some loony decides to attack the couple, then it will ALWAYS be the man who defends his female partner but sadly and inevitably, that man is badly injured or is killed. The woman just stands by and screams, hoping to get someone else’s attention.

When Stephen Cameron’s fiance, Danielle Cable, was driving his Bedford Rascal van and cut up another driver, the other driver stopped the van by driving across its path.

That driver was Kenneth Noye, a convicted criminal who was a very nasty person and started to threaten his fiance.

Of course, being a gentleman,  Stephen got out to try and calm Noye down. They got into a fight and Stephen got the upper hand. Then Noye went back to his car, got a knife and killed Stephen.

During this time, Cable got out of the car and veinly tried to find someone to help but there was no one.

If she had helped Stephen when he was fighting Noye, they could have, in combination, overcome Noye, rushed back to the van and made an escape.

But she didn’t; all she could do was scream and didn’t help the person she said she loved.

This is my problem. Yes, it was a dreadful, unnecessary crime by Noye but Cable was still alive and her so called beloved fiance was dead.

Women these days insist on being treated equally and that is fine; that is the way that it should be. But when there is some danger, do not shy away from it and help the person who is likely to be killed.

They eventually found Noye, he was found guilty and was banged up. Cable, on the other hand, was put into witness protection and she changed her name; in effect, she hid away.

Whatever your feelings on the issue, Stephen was dead and his fiance was still alive.

I ask myself the question. What if this was a sapphist couple?

Would they both go into meltdown, cry and shout for help from a man or would the “dominant” member of the partnership do what a man would do; I doubt it very much

I am sorry to be brutal but Danielle Cable entered the stereotypical behaviour and did nothing whilst her fiance was murdered.

Women cannot insist that they want total equality and then, when it gets difficult, withdraw into their old stereotypical role to save their own skins

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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