The death of Rebecca Zahau and me

I have just watched the concluding episode of this very interesting documentary.

Although I am not dead but Rebecca sadly is, the case has eery similarities to my case, where I was accused of abusing and harming my daughter.

Rebecca died in 2011, shortly after her “step son”, Max, fell off a balcony at home and subsequently died. Rebecca was the only one at home at the time, although she was in the lavatory when it happened.

Two days later, Rebecca was found hanging with both hands and both feet tied together; she was also naked.

It was deemed that due to the shame of Max’s death, she hanged herself.

This is where the similarities between my case and her’s come to the fore.

Her apparent suicide was investigated by the San Diego Police Department, headed by Sheriff William Gore; mine was investigated by Surrey Police with the assistance of the Isle of Wight police.

When the San Diego police department did their initial investigation, they finally determined that Rebecca died from an act of suicide; no one was arrested. In my case, however, I was arrested, interrogated and then bailed by the police, even though there was not a shred of evidence to support Verity’s allegations. That whole episode has destroyed my life and my relationship with my daughter, Verity.

To avoid having to endure a court trial, I did my own investigation work and provided so much evidence to the police that both the police and the CPS had no other choice but to drop the case. But, unlike in Rebecca’s case, I was not proved innocent by the police, just that they did not have enough evidence to further their case. So, I will never be free from those false and malicious allegations made by Verity, unless she makes a full confession, which she is unlikely to do because she is a coward and family money is involved.

Rebecca’s family was convinced that it was murder and not suicide and so a private investigation was undertaken. As to who actually financed this, I am unsure and it was not clear from the documentary.

To cut a long story short, they came to very different conclusions to the San Diego police department and with pressure mounting, a civil case was brought against the prime suspect Adam Shacknai, where the burden of proof is less than in a criminal case.

This civil case was successful and Rebecca’s family was awarded $5M, which was negotiated down to $600,000 by the insurance companies, who covered Shacknai’s legal exposure.

The civil case also highlighted shortcomings in the forensic work that the San Diego police department undertook.

I have, over the last years since I was arrested, have detailed the many shortcomings in the way that my case was investigated with regards to

  • The original allegations
  • The way that my house was searched and violated
  • The reason why my possessions were seized, including many computers from my old business
  • The fact that even though my many computers were seized, not a single examination was carried out on any of them
  • The failure of conducting any forensic analysis, given the nature of the alleged crime
  • The failure to conduct any forensic analysis on my car, which was alleged to be the place that the many crimes were supposedly commited
  • The fact that once I proved my innocence beyond reasonable doubt, the police refused to reinterview my daughter or any of my family who supported her

As a result of media attention and the successful conclusion of the civil case, San Diego’s police department’s sheriff was forced to undertake a review of the evidence.

It came as a complete shock to the private investigators that Sheriff Gore came to the same conclusions as before.

That comes as no surprise to me. Basically, the San Diego Police department fucked up the original investigation and was not prepared to admit that they had done wrong; this would have led to Sheriff Gore being forced to resign.

In my case, there was a wall of silence and interview tapes went missing. Furthermore, I was threatened with gagging by one of the investigated officers, 236 Glenn Parker.

The two cases are the same in the sense that the police of all hews do not want to admit to their mistakes as such an admission would lead to law suits for substantial damages and sackings. So, to avoid that, the police lie through their teeth and cover up evidence.

It is my opinion that given what I have seen, Adam Shacknai did murder Rebecca Zahau and he sexually assaulted her with the handle of a knife before committing the murderous act but due to San Diego’s Police department’s many failings, he was not brought to justice.

Indeed, Surrey Police know that they fucked up with the case and, to cover their backs, refuse to go after my false accuser, my daughter Verity, because if they did, I would launch a civil claim against all of those involved


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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