What the Yank government lets happen on Yank television documentaries

As you know, I watch a lot of crime programmes and these include “Snapped” and “I am the killer”.

It quite frankly astonishes me that the government/US prison service will permit convicted people to be interviewed for these types of programmes. Some are filmed behind glass screens (mainly men) and some in front of a backdrop (mainly women).

When I was looking into getting the case of Verity’s accusations investigated properly, I contacted Police Major Grant Allen of the Olathe Police, as I was willing to employ as consultants, two specific detectives and said that I would pay nearly anything to get to the real truth of what happened.

Why did I approach US investigators rather than UK ones? That is easy. Anyone in the UK can set themselves as a investigator or detective agency and it is all totally unregulated. I am sure that there are quite a few dodgy ones in he US too but at least they have to be licenced by the relevant state so there is a degree of checking.

Major Allen was very helpful, more helpful than I would have expected from a US police officer speaking to a Brit but then I asked him one specific question.

“How come the prison service allow their inmates to be interviewed by documentary makers?”

He refused to answer my question.

There is a clear paradox here. Sentences in the US are far harsher than they are in the UK; you can even be sentenced to a term exceeding one’s lifespan and, of course, there is the death sentence where inmates can be sentenced to be “terminated” more than once; quite bizarre. I suppose they see it as a way of allocating a sentence to a specific crime. So, if you kill 4 people, you get 4 life sentences. I suppose that there is some logic in that.

Whereas here, if you blow up a building and many people die, you will get “life”, which is not life at all. You may also be deemed to be so dangerous that you would never be released.

So, I asked Major Allen another question, even though I did not get an answer to the first. I asked him as to who benefits from the documentary.

He refused to answer that one too.

Clearly, the documentary makers get paid by the networks but what about the inmates? I am guessing here but I doubt that they get paid at all, as they see it as an opportunity for the chance to put their case across and to get parole.

But one thing is absolutely certain. Both the prison and the US government get paid for a “licence fee” and I suspect that it is quite high.

That is why the convicted inmates are allowed to be filmed; it all comes down to one thing, money.

Can you imagine that happening in the UK? People who have been given life sentences being interviewed ? There may come a time.

But I know that there is one unjustly convicted inmate who will never be filmed.

That is Jeremy Bamber who was set up by the corrupt police and will never be released from prison. The police force has even gone to the lengths of issuing “public immunity declarations” which means that evidence that would exonerate Jeremy does not and will never come to light.

He was accused of murdering his mother, father, step sister and her two boys. He has been in prison for well over 35 years now. He did not kill them; his step sister did before turning the gun on herself. Evidence proves that he was at his home when his father called him in terror.

It was a case of the police thinking that a woman could not possibly do such a thing plus being paid off by the people who benefited from Jeremy’s parents’ inheritance once Jeremy was behind bars; it was police corruption at its worst.

Jeremy is kept away from prying eyes and the only way that he can be contacted is through the prison email system. I have emailed Jeremy many times but know damn well that my and indeed his emails to me are copied and sent up to police headquarters.

Jeremy does have a campaign headquarters but I am sorry to say that they are a damp squib. Yes, they wear T shirts etc but have really done nothing. It is actually down to Jeremy’s intellect that his case has been pushed this far.

I paid a sizeable donation to the so called headquarters but then quickly found out that it is not what it appears to be; so I will never pay anymore money to them. Instead, I send money to Jeremy plus paper and stationery to give him the tools to work on his case.

It is a great shame. My daughter, although estranged from me, has a great legal brain. Between the two of us, we could, I am sure, make a good case for his release.

She said that she “wanted to make a difference“.

This is the difference that she could make, someone’s life and someone’s freedom

One final point

Jeremy has been in prison for 10 to 15 years longer than my daughter has existed

If you just give a number, it means little but if you put it in the context that I have just done, it means far far more.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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