Sky’s C.O.B.R.A. – Credit where credit is due

We are very good in this society to complain but very bad when someone has done something good.

I have been highly critical of Sky in the past and rightly so; Sky’s channels are awash with Yank productions and multiple repeats. Even on their own crime channel, every day they repeat the previous day’s episodes of the Kiwi production “Motorway patrol”. With the high price of the Sky subscription, that is just not good enough.

Sky now have their “original productions”. The first that I saw was slated as a British production, Bohemian Rhapsody. Whilst most the actors were British, the lead actor, who played Freddie Mercury was American. Not only that but it was a Yank production.

But now we have COBRA and I am impressed. It does not have the explosions and car chases of Hollywood productions but it is far more relevant to me and to Britons in general.

Indeed, I watched the first episode 5 times and am eager for the second episode. It is well written, with a great cast of actors, fronted by Robert Carlyle, who I have always admired but who has been wrongfully underrated. I have seen his stage wife, Lucy Cohu, who I know from George Gently and way way back in Soldier, Soldier; she has not aged a bit.

There are many other fine British actors, spread right throughout the cast and it is pleasing to see.

Us Brits may live on a small island but we have a wealth of acting talent, with many young actors and actresses learning their craft.

This is the real point that I want to make.

Sky is probably the biggest media company in the world. Over the pond, they have Hollywood; let them keep it, I say

Sky has the resources to give the British acting industry a major shot in the arm and they could very easily produce many more productions like Cobra.

If the British viewing public can be tempted away from the superficiality of Hollywood, then Sky with the production companies have a true winner on their hands and there will be less need to just go out and buy Yank productions, which have little relevance to the British public.

We don’t just have the acting talent but we have the technical talent as well, spreading through the whole rainbow of technical expertise and talented actors and actresses will become less inclined to fly over the pond, to speak with poor American accents to fund Hollywood’s coffers. I don’t blame them for going; they have to pay the bills after all.

Let COBRA be a springboard for Sky. We used to make a lot of British acted, British produced films, with the money going into our coffers but then Hollywood took over and we have totally unrealistic films with lots of explosions and lots of CGI.

We can do better, we will do better, we do do better

Sky, you have a great opportunity of becoming a big film player. We have the studios, we have the technical ability, we have the actors and actresses, all talented, every single one of them.

Let COBRA be the start of something very special and let Sky with the British production companies give Hollywood a run for their money.

Sky is, in all intense and purposes, a British company. Let us be very proud.

And, if television content is more relevant to the British public, you will have more viewers on your platform than you will ever have imagined.

Go for it; please

Mr Murdoch, you have the opportunity to leave a real legacy

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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