What Sainsbury’s does not know yet – update- their contaminated chicken

What astonishes me is that I emailed the links to all 7 parts of the articles that I wrote yesterday and there has not been a peep from Sainsbury’s; absolutely nothing at all. Given that it is a potential public health issue, I find that inaction truly amazing.

What Sainsbury’s does not know is this.

I have a CCTV system with cameras primarily in the kitchen (3 of them) and it is on permanent record. Given the size of the hard disc, I can track from when the delivery driver actually delivered the chicken, to it sitting in my fridge, to me actually cooking it, eating it and returning half of the chicken back the fridge once cool.

It also has recorded me deciding to throw the chicken away, a smart move on my part, then retrieving it, taking two big samples from the carcass and placing them in air tight containers in the freezer with “DO NOT EAT” written in permanent marker.

Why two you may ask? Well one will go to the food standards laboratory or to Sainsbury’s laboratory if they bother to contact me and I will send the other to an independent laboratory, to ensure there is no bias or possible cover up.

I have checked Google and there does not seem to have been any withdrawal of product so, I have to assume that they are just covering this up, as I would expect from Sainsbury’s. Clearly, this has not got the media attention that this deserves


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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