Sky’s Crime and Investigation – Evil Up Close

I have absolutely no idea as to whether this series was commissioned after the comments that I made about Sky’s general female bias towards crime programmes.

But, it was not a bad start and I was especially interested in the legal arguments that the QC made in the case of Georgina Henshaw; I would want him in my corner if the need ever arose. The programmes should follow a similar path with more emphasis on the legal arguments of a case.

{If I had been on the jury, I would have had a great deal of trouble reconciling her actions (and her guilt) to her well known and documented child like behaviour; she was described as a 2 or 3 year old in a woman’s body}

Although there was a balance of genders, Sky continue to use female criminologists, who have a great deal to say and get a lot of air time.

It is also a shame that the series is only 5 programmes long. Other series on the crime channels are far longer than that and concentrate on crimes of male against female. It is easy to explain this. To be blunt, crimes against females will draw greater viewing figures than crimes against men.

Sky has a major responsibility as a very large media player to ensure there is balance in the programming with respect to gender. It is this balance that affects society’s viewpoints. To put it simply, people are brainwashed by what they see on television; in its basic form, that is why adverts work.

The Sky producers, directors and executives may think that it will not affect them and indeed that is how I felt some years ago. I did not know that out of the blue, my daughter was going to accuse me of abusing and physically hurting her.

At any time, in any circumstance, a man can be accused of sexual abuse of a child or an adult and given the nature of society’s attitudes, it is a very steep hill to climb to prove your innocence. Even taking things “on balance”, where there is one word against another, a jury will generally always believe a woman or girl over a man, even if that man is innocent, as even in this day and age, women are still considered the “gentler sex” and as soon as they turn on the tears, that would be it for a man.

Women are great manipulators too. Even in totally innocent situations, a woman will manipulate a man to say buy her certain jewellery by dropping big hints or leaving certain magazines around.

I knew that if I set foot into a court room, as soon as the charges were read, the jury would have found me guilty before any legal arguments were explained by the barristers. That is all down to bias against men.

Even abuse against men and boys is much harder to prove than for the female sex. I replied to a comment that a chap in the states had written. He had been abused as a child and has had to and will deal with it for the rest of his life. It is no different if a boy or girl, man or woman is abused but society just doesn’t see it like that.

That is why I devoted the three months after my arrest to proving my innocence and the case was thrown out by the police and the CPS.

But, I was lucky and I had the tools to prove to the police that I could not have possibly done what I had been accused of. Many others are not so lucky.

It is going to take many years for the balance to be restored and, although a very worthy cause, is not helped by the “Me too” movement who parade female celebrities in front of the cameras or, indeed, extremist feminists.

You hear on the media a great deal about misogyny but does anyone reading this know what misandry is? I can hear you rushing for google searches. Take it from me, misandry is alive and well; it is cultivated by the female bias in society.

There is no doubt that in history, women were treated like shit but it has now gone completely the other way. All I can say is that two wrongs do not make a right.

It is also true that abuse against females, not long ago, was not taken seriously by the police but, like society, they too have gone completely the other way after some very public scandals and, if there is a mere whiff of suspicion, men are now treated like shit by the police. I was treated like shit by the police, so I am talking from my very personal experience. In the eyes of the police, I will never be innocent until a certain person writes a full confession.

The bedrock of the legal system is innocent until proven guilty but, take it from me, when it comes to sexual abuse, the reverse is true.

I am certainly not questioning that male abuse against females does happen; sadly, it happens a lot and those people should be locked up forever and/or castrated. But, given the bias in society, there are many men languishing in prisons, who are completely innocent of any crime.

Domestic abuse is sadly on the increase and, yes, there are many men who abuse, either physically or verbally, their partners. But the reverse is also true and it is not as rare as one would think.

My second wife (now divorced) and I were having an argument in the kitchen; we were roughly 20 feet a part. All of a sudden, she pulled a 12 inch kitchen knife out of the draw and threatened me with it. She then had the audacity to call the police on me but, before they arrived, she put the knife away.

Even if she was still holding the knife when the police arrived, the police would have immediately assumed that she was doing it out of self defence without talking to me first; they would immediately assume and believe her over me. It is true that in some circumstances where there are abusive males involved, a woman feels that she has no other choice but to protect herself and she is right in doing that. But, it is not always as clear cut as that. If in doubt, arrest both the man and the woman, once she has been relieved of the knife. The police cannot and must not assume that it is always the man, because it is not always the case

The situation that I referred to was diffused and I was not arrested but can people start to understand where I am coming from now?

I have spent a great deal of time, many hundreds of hours, writing articles on this blog about the bias in both society generally and in the police. Depending on the circumstances, sometimes it is clear cut who is the guilty one but a great deal of the time, it is not.

That is why I will continue to bang on about this issue, as well as many other subjects and I make no excuses for it whatsoever.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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