Is this really what happened?

Way back in December 2018, I wrote an article called “The whole truth”

This was one of my many articles, theorising what had happened and it concerned the possible abuse of my daughter and her two cousins.

It is a quite awful proposition if it is true and I could not just keep it to myself. So, I did report it but the police completely failed to follow it up properly.

I got a report back insofar that they had a “chat” with all concerned, it was denied by all and dismissed by the police; great work PC Plod, not.

What is perplexing, is that the original post has been looked at by people nearly every month since I posted it, whereas normally, old posts just effectively wither and die.

the whole truth stats

I just wonder if I hit the nail right on the head; indeed someone is reading that post as I speak and is the second day in a row where this old post has been read.

What is also strange is this. When the police went down for this chat, it would not have taken much to work out where it originated from i.e. me but I have never ever had any emails from any of the family denouncing me and accusing me of causing trouble; that is very strange, don’t you think?

If this is true, which I hope it is not for obvious reasons, if the truth did come out, then all three girls could get the therapy that they so sorely need, otherwise it will affect the rest of their lives.

The key is the truth coming out as I am well aware, from Rosanna’s experience that tight knit families keep secrets buried and it will take a very brave young person to speak out.

If anyone of those affected reads this, I am here 150% to support you, through thick and thin, whether it is my daughter, my nieces or god forbid all three.

And the reason that Verity blames me?

Because I was not there to protect her

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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