Why did they not check the car?- The incompetence of the IOW police

I have talked a number of times about the sheer incompetence of the Isle of Wight police; quite frankly, it is absolutely astonishing and I have been sadly at the end of it.

In April 2016, I was arrested for supposedly abusing my now ex daughter; total crap of course, as was proved when, after a lot of work by me, the police through it out.

Why they didn’t speak to me beforehand is nobody’s guess as it would have saved tens of thousands of pounds of tax payers’ money. Clearly, the police coffers are lovely and full and so they can just waste money willy nilly.

Of course, if I had been someone important, I would have been invited to an interview, as Cliff Richard was (and the police completely fucked up then too), but I am just Joe Public and so different rules apply and I am treated VERY differently.

On top of the investigating detectives ( DC Hollie Say and DC Glenn Parker, from Surrey Police, who were both grossly biased and incompetent) (the latter detective was the one who tried to gag me, because I got far too close to the truth for their comfort) there was the arresting detective and two police officers. On top of that an additional 6 officers (roughly, as I was not there) combed through and violated my home, so much so that it became a mere house to me.

So that is 11 officers in total who never had to be there if they had a chat with me first, rather than just putting in their Size 9 boots. What a waste of money.

On top of that, there was the cost of the two Surrey detectives’ travel to the island, which from experience is not cheap at all. But the two ferry companies have all IOW residents and holiday makers by the balls. They also collude with each other; that is another story.

I did not know what the hell the detective wanted to talk to me about but I soon found out but with no further details. It was not until the interrogation did I REALLY find out what I was supposed to have done.

Apparently, I was supposed to have done some abusive acts in my car, which I still have, together with causing my ex daughter actual bodily harm, which actually was self harming identified by my second wife, Rosanna.

Once the initial horror was over, which lasted around 16 hours, I came home but as it was so late or rather so early in the morning, I was taken home by the police as there was no public transport running (not that I have EVER traveled on a bus on the island and would not have known where to go anyway) or taxis for that matter.

Once I had a couple of glasses of wine to calm my nerves and 10 or so cigarettes, I went to bed and in the morning, I got up and went to check my car, in which I was supposed to have performed despicable acts.

Of course, it was still there, which was the first surprise but on closer inspection, the police had not even searched it, which was another surprise. How could a vehicle in which I supposed did those acts not be taken away for forensic analysis? there would have been many traces there as the car had not been cleaned for years.

If they did not take it away, how come they never even searched it?

I will tell you why:

  • Complete and utter incompetence of the police.
  • They did not believe the story that was told by Hender and were being POLITICALLY CORRECT and just going through the motions

Indeed, during the interrogation, I kept completely calm, had refused a solicitor to be present, stating “I have nothing to hide” and only got angry when that arsehole DC Parker questioned the fact that my father had Alzheimer’s.How do you know?Parker said to which I bellowed “Because he bloody told me“.

Of course, that was not the end of it. I felt that I had been horrendously treated and had some of my human rights refused to me. So, I demanded my copy of the disc by about 10 emails. The response? Either silence or refusal, mainly the former.

The letter that was supposed to be sent to me if I wanted to complain was never sent too but I will get both Say 40254 and Parker 236 one day ( I know their badge numbers off by heart), hopefully before I leave this mortal coil.

And I have a way to bypass the usual channels too; ironically over a major car crash, caused by an epileptic fit but not accepted by either Sussex Police or the magistrate, who talked to me like a naughty school boy. Even though it was a while ago, I have proof, in the form of scans of my brain and copious letters that was the cause of the crash and NOT me speeding. I will be working on that this morning.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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