The UK Police – Serving the community ? – NOT A CHANCE – NO WAY JOSE (pronounced hosey)

Yesterday, I decided to collect my computers or try to anyway.

Just getting to the police station was a nightmare; even after over 4 years of being on the island, I do not know Newport, particularly as I generally stay put because of my agoraphobia. I do know how to get to certain places, like my osteopath but it is an “A to B” thing, as if I have to divert because of roadworks, I am generally lost.

Gosh the police make it difficult for you; you cannot even drive or walk through their car park and have to walk right round the outside.

Finally, I got to the front desk but there was no one there; you have to ring a bell; even the lowest starred hotel has the front desk manned at all times. This woman came to the window and started asking lots of questions?

  • Did I get a letter? – No
  • Did I get a phone call to say I could pick it up? – No
  • What makes you think that you can pick up your possessions? – Er, because the case was closed on New Year’s Eve

She clearly was not good at her job because she had to ask another officer, sitting close by and even then, they both struggled and had to phone someone, presumably that saphist detective; you know the one; part of thesisterhood” who interviewed me.

” Here we go”, I thought, “they are going to turn me away and play silly buggers” but without saying anything to me, they phoned someone else.

A few minutes later, this portly “officer” turned up with some bags. I could instantly see that there were not enough bags and told her so. She then grabbed back the bit of paper that she had asked me to sign and started checking the list. One would have thought that a person who was in charge of evidence would have done that BEFORE she came over but she didn’t.

That clearly shows the incompetence of this so called police officer, who was part time anyway. She wears a police type uniform but clearly was not a proper officer, especially as the property office was only open between 9 and 3 and only open on weekdays. So, one can assume from that that no crime takes place at weekends or after 3pm and before 9am.

That one statement encapsulates the whole ethos of Newport Police; lazy, inefficient and incompetent.

After FINALLY checking the list, she realised that a computer was missing; what a surprise and disappeared again, returning 5 mins later with another bag.

Finally, she opened the glass screen and passed all of the stuff to me. Given that there was a lot, one would have thought she would saywhere is your car?” but that was far too simple. So, I asked her if she would open both gates to let me walk straight through the car park to my car.

She could have done that herself; after all, she is supposed to be a member of the police but no, she asked the chap, sitting close by, at his desk.

No, you cannot do that” and told me that I had to walk around, via an alleyway to my car, which was twice the distance.

I really struggled with everything; after all, I am not an octopus. Not only that but I have poor grips in both hands, especially my left hand, as a result of THAT operation many years ago (damaged right side of brain, ineffective left side of body) . I had to stop and reposition the packages three times but finally got to my car. By that time, both my arms were shaking.

They have got a lift for the disabled at the front desk because they have to, by law. But if they do not have to do it, they will not.

I finally got home but, because my arms were still shaking, I left the stuff in the car and it is all still there.

Even whilst writing this on the day after the debacle, my left arm hurts because I have strained a muscle.

When able, the only stuff that will be coming in my house will be the two towers, my Lenovo laptop and charger, together with my phone. The rest will be going straight on the dump pile in the drive as they are dead but even though I told that thug officer who arrested me that they were dead, he seized them anyway, even though they had no power cables. The computers that will be dumped straight from the car will be my old notepad, an old laptop and Hender’s old laptop.

It just goes to show that the police:

  • Want to make it totally awkward for people who have been arrested
  • DO NOT, in any way, serve the community

More to the point, they never even looked at the computers; they could not as the live ones were all passworded

At the end of the day though, all of this was Hender’s AND Parkinson’s fault

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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