Hender has REALLY fucked up this time

Quite frankly, Hender, my ex daughter, is the lowest of the low and is a classic example of the youth of today.

It is all about me, me, me and sod everyone else, even her father.

Well, Hender, the tiger has awoken and will now unleash fire and brimstone on you.

What a shame that all of that supposed hard work at University has gone to waste. What a shame that even if you are critically ill from an accident, I will be disinterested. What a shame that if you need a transfusion of any kind to save or better your life, I will just say “no”.

But, of course, I cannot say “no”, even if Parkinson phones me in distress because I cannot talk to her and will just put the phone down.

Even if Hender is dying, I cannot do anything about it, even to say “goodbye” because I am not allowed to, according to the police.

As to dying and this is positively laughable. When I told her that she could not come to my funeral because of all of the false accusations that she made, she went blubbering to her grandfather who then complained to me.

What planet are these people on? They think that they can treat people like shit and then come to their funeral; what sheer and unadulterated hypocricy.

I do not need people at my funeral; there are two very special people who are waiting for me and, anyway, by the time that I am incinerated, I will be just a shell anyway; my essence of what made me will be long gone.

But, there will be people there. My friend, Nick and my little brother from South Africa, Prenesh. I have made provisions for the latter to travel to the UK, stay for a while and then take my ashes away to be scattered in the Indian Ocean at Pennington. The reason? That was Liesel’s favourite place to go to.

As for my darling Liesel’s jewellery that was supposed to go to her, there is no time limit on when I have to give it to her so she will not get it for a long time, if ever. I was asked to give it to Hender when I felt the time was right but she is totally unworthy of such precious and sentimental gems. They were worth around £6,000 when Liesel died and is now probably worth around £10,000 by now. Knowing her, even if she did get the jewellery, she would just sell it anyway. The word “sentiment” is certainly not in Hender’s vocabulary, SHE HAS PROVED THAT TO BE THE CASE.

I feel sorry for whomever she ends up with. Whether it a man or a woman, she will just live a life of lies but, eventually, the truth will come out and then her relationship will be over. That will be repeated throughout her entire life but it certainly will not involve having children because she is far too selfish for that; in fact, far more selfish than Parkinson. If she does, it will only be because she will want to replicate what Parkinson did, who had a child purely to get more money out of me. When Parkinson saw the positive pregnancy test, pound signs started rolling down her eyes and she has never looked back. For me, however, it was a very special moment. The proof is all there to see if she wants to open her eyes for once.

If one day she feels guilty and wants to reconnect with me; tough. She has well and truly burnt her bridges now. I put the original arrest in 2016 down to manipulation but the recent events prove that this was certainly not the case.

I will just slam the door in her face, if she finds me that is.

One last thing

Hender has been receiving large sums of money from the trust. They have been untaxed since she started to recxeive them. In theory, before she was considered by law to be an adult, her mother is fully responsible for the unpaid tax, penalities and interest that will result.

But she continues to receive money, again untaxed and as she is now an adult, she is fully liable for the unpaid tax, fines and interest that HMRC will demand.

And I have proof; I have the actual accounts that show the monies paid to her. Who prepared those accounts? Her grandfather did.

Now that is what you call irony

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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