My message to Verity; a mea culpa

I am not shy at hiding my feelings. I fact, I wear my heart on my sleeve and always have.

I have just watched a very emotional film and it has me in tears but it brought back so much from the past.

I have no idea as to why Verity did what she did but I have to try and explain to her why things happened.

So, here is my message to my world, my only daughter, Verity

Verity, I have no idea why you are so angry with me and probably never will but I have some things to say to you

  • I am not sorry for marrying your mother as, between us, you were brought to life
  • I am not sorry for divorcing your mother as she betrayed me in the worst possible way; by sleeping with my best friend, your step father
  • I am sorry for not fighting for joint custody as, if I had achieved that, you would now be in a much better place now and have a completely different mindset
  • I am sorry that your and my beloved Liesel became sick but it was not her fault
  • I am sorry that she died but she put up such a great fight against the cancer that was affecting her brain; it was not her fault, it was not my fault, it was no one’s fault
  • I am sorry that your mother prevented you from saying goodbye to Liesel, because I know how much she meant to you. Your mother did that out of sheer malice for me and for Liesel
  • I am sorry that there were so many girlfriends in my life but if I could find “the one”, then I would be happy which would make you happy
  • I am sorry that I had rose tinted glasses on when I met Rosanna, as she turned out to be a cruel, calculating and greedy woman but I paid dearly for that misguided trust in her.
  • I am sorry that I moved to the Isle of Wight but that was the only way that I could escape the mental trauma of the recent past
  • I am sorry that you felt that you had to then destroy my life, as I am now a prisoner in both this house and on the island.
  • I am sorry that you have so much hate for me inside you

You have done all that you can to destroy my life, as it was. I fear that there is no way now that my life can be repaired but my fate lies entirely in your hands.

  • Only you now can change the way that my life is lead.
  • Only you can now dictate whether I am happy or sad in the future
  • Only you can dictate whether I have a meaningful life again

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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