Reactions to my posts on Vertu Motors PLC and Samantha Parkinson, the fraudster and embezzler

Well, well. People are starting to realise what Vertu Motors are all about as well as learning about the very chequered history of Samantha Parkinson.

For two days now, the hits on the variety of posts concerning this company and this individual have been so substantial that they do not fit on just one screen. Indeed, yesterday’s total posts, were more than I have had in over a week and most of them related to Vertu Motors and Samantha Parkinson.

vertu motors 20th December

Even though it is a Saturday morning, hits on my blog, so far today, have been more than I sometimes receive for a whole weekend.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words

stats 21st december part 1

stats 21st december part 2

Nicola Loose, who apparently is the company secretary of this shabby outfit, did not write to me using her personal email address but took the foolish step to write to me on the customer services email address.

So, as a result of that, rather than the management keeping “a lid” on this scandal, all of the customer service staff know about this and it will spread through the entire organisation like wildfire

And once it has spread through the entire organisation, it will not take long for potential customers of Vertu Motors to find out and they will then reject Vertu Motors and go somewhere else, to a far more reputable company

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