– Lies, deceipt and fraud – Part 1

By the time you have read all of the parts of the subject, you are going to really wonder if is being straight with us.


( will be hereafter referred to as Amazon and does in no way refer to, which I have had no experience of)

But, let’s face it; we all “do” Amazon and I, in particular, use them a lot because I am effectively housebound from Agoraphobia, not caused by Amazon, but by members of my family and others

But, there is one thing that really pisses me off and that is lies and deceipt. We have come to expect that Amazon customer service will actually tell the truth but, as I have found out, they just talk so much bullshit that you can no longer believe what they say.

We all know that Amazon are aggressive tax evaders and pay little tax in this country. Unlike the rest of us, they do deals with the tax man behind closed doors.

They earn a great deal of customers in Blighty and make eye watering profits on UK sales but Amazon pay tax that is much smaller than a lot of our big companies, which are a mere fraction of the size of Amazon.

As they are the biggest, they think that they can run roughshod over their customers and tell porkies that you would not believe.

I am holding them to account.

They have:

  • Purposely lied as to the status of orders
  • Out of spite, they have unilaterally tried to cancel one of my Christmas present orders; it is no coincidence that it is the most high value current order
  • Purposely lied as to the status of my prime membership
  • Denied that they had made a charge, which had reversed a compensation payment
  • And much much more

By the time that you have read all of what I have to say about this company, you will

  1. Think twice about using Amazon, get in the car and spend in the High Street
  2. Use other on line retailers; you will get a much better and honest service from them
  3. You will check your bank and credit card statements very carefully

As to the third, as a great deal of the items are relatively small value, Amazon rely on the human nature of not bothering because it is just too much hassle.


I have been an Amazon customer for many years and have noticed that every so slowly, they drop benefits to Prime customers.

A great deal of the goods shown as being Prime are not actually Prime at all; a great many of the sellers purely use Amazon as a platform and the Prime membership just gives you normally a 100% discount on delivery costs.

But Prime membership is supposed to mean that you get the goods much quicker but with these quasi prime products, you can wait a week, maybe two before you get the goods.

The membership cost is very expensive at £79 per year and quite frankly, you do not get value for money. Amazon could quite happily do it at half the price but it is the culture of corporate greed. If you pay a monthly fee of £7.99, which equates to £95.88 per annum, you have to buy a great deal from Amazon to make it worth the money.

But, by then, they have caught you in their corporate web; to justify the obscenely high fee, you buy more and so what do Amazon get? a great deal more money than you ever intended spending in the first place.

If I can move soon, then hopefully my agoraphobia will slowly subside as no one will know where I live. and I can then ditch my prime membership. It is a long story but my condition has been caused by:

  • Fear of the Police
  • Fear of my family
  • And now, fear of Amazon (who I am sure are monitoring every single key stroke that I make, as I am writing now)

But the reasons for my condition are not important in this context. It is what I perceive as the criminal and corrupt practices of Amazon that I am concerned about here and I have demanded compensation

I am quite sure that if one could dig deep enough, one may find lots of illegal practices of Amazon but they are considered to be “too big to fall”. We have heard that all before, haven’t we, when Lehman Brothers fell apart, which sparked the financial crisis but the two big US mortgage companies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in the US were bailed out by the US government and RBS, to name just one, was bailed out by the UK government. Then we lost the opportunity of these large financial institutions being swept into the rubbish bin.

The unsafe practices of the ultra high paid executives of these corporate giants cost the US government hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of billions in the UK. Who paid for this; we did, in our taxes.

If Amazon was to get in trouble, by a plummeting share price or a scandal, the US government would again step in.

But, here is the thing. In these big giants, not a single big highly paid executive was ever jailed but thousands of people on a fraction of the salaries earned by the big wigs, lost their jobs; a great deal of them who were just doing what they were told to do.

I am quite sure that when this grand posting is finished, no high paid executive at Amazon will lose their jobs but a great deal of customer service staff will.

I have demanded compensation commensurate to the size of Amazon. Amazon has  lied and deceived me as well as reversing compensation that I had been guaranteed and then saying that it had never happened


My posts yesterday curried a great deal of interest from the UK and from Europe. Once I have finished, Amazon’s Christmas gold rush will be over and my blog will be even bigger than it already is and everyone will know what Amazon is really like

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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