Murderers who get parole

The piece that I wrote about Liesel’s anniversary has affected me a lot, as it does whenever I talk about my beloved Liesel so I am going to avoid doing anything regarding Amazon or anyone else today.

Let them stew as although tomorrow is going to be a hard day, as it always is, as is very one of her birthdays, she would want me to get justice for myself and there is going to be a whirlwind of evidence, from which they will not easily recover.

I will get the strength from her memory to ensure that these people are brought to justice or whatever hurts them more, normally the loss of money.

Murderers who get parole; a tricky one but I am not thinking of the perpetrator but of the family left behind to pick up the pieces.

Yes, a murderer may get a long sentence but if that person will get parole, it will always be in the back of the family’s mind that one day, the killer who took their son or daughter, husband or wife from them will get out.

So, on top of the fact that they live their entire existence with the loss of a loved one, they also have to cope with the possibility that one day, the person who took their loved one will be back on the streets and will be able to live some sort of life, which the victim will not.

In my book, if a person takes a life intentionally, they should never be released. If you like, using a religious phrase “an eye for an eye”.

Killing a perpetrator is easy, it is quick and they are given something to help with the pain so a whole life in prison is, for me, the best option.

But those ultra high paid corporate executives are no better than a murderer; they ruin lives without a thought and do it all out of greed, pure and unadulterated greed. And whilst a murderer may have remorse, they have none as they just move onto the next scam which will ruin more lives. In fact you could say that they are actually worse than murderers as whether someone is alive or dead, a life has been ruined. In some cases, even if the victim is still alive, they would rather be dead, as would I

But my self preservation instinct prevents me from harming myself and so I just fight and carry on.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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